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Magical Animations with PowerPoint for E-Learning

There is a lot a PowerPoint application could do for making the custom elearning content development platforms Stunning animations are made within minutes could be great for e-learning modules. WIth correct sequencing of content concept mapping could be optimized. We developed many beautiful and useful videos using this tool and came up with some phenomenal results.

Camping in the night

An easy to use and implement video of camping could be implemented using powerpoint. This could be used for your video narrating a story or any other interesting part of your journey.

COVID Tracker

The below tracker is for COVID and the same could be implemented for several other surveys or data points. This type of data visualization helps in catching the required attention thus comes up with the desired results


In India, harvesting is termed as one of the most prominent professions and the products related to the same are also available in abundance. This video or one of a similar kind could be utilized for numerous purposes where a harvesting scenario is to be portrayed.

Manufacturing Automation

Automation has picked up the pace in every sector including manufacturing, this gives us an opportunity to explore this space and come up with solutions to fast forward the processes. The below animation could be of use if implemented for an explainer video.

Business Insights

For any business, it is very crucial to understand the past happenings and plan the forthcoming on the basis of the same. This video of this type could be useful in doing the same and making the employees comprehend with ease.

City Ecosysytem

A city is full of people, buildings, industries, markets and several other elements. If you are display the happening of city, a video like this could be handy.

Travel around the World

A travel enthusiast loves to explore the world and know about the significance of territories around the world. This video captures the famous spots through PowerPoint animation in an elegant way.


More than a hobby, now gardening has become flourishing profession for many. This video could be used for explaining the processes, significance, and several other elements in a beautiful manner.


Healthcare facilities are a different place to be. It is a place of healing that offers tranquillity in several ways. The video captures the essence in a subtle way to be used for numerous distinct purposes.

Organic Farming

The health concerns are mounting every coming day and people are being attracted towards the organic aspect of their lives. The video covers the growth of organic food in a simplistic manner.


This particular season is loved by many across the globe due to the cold breezes and also due to the festive season of winters. The video captured that essence to be used in a beautiful way.

Financial Markets

Financial markets have an abundance of information to be utilized for numerous purposes. The customization options allow us to make the required changes in the layout for increasing efficiency. The video is successful in capturing that aspect.


Every event has an identity of its own. The same identity is carried forward to gain the popularity and loyalty of the audience. The event animation is made in PowerPoint with ease and could be used by many for several purposes.

Autonomous Vehicles

With the growing technology, the trends are changing and people are trusting autonomous vehicles more than ever. This is the tech of the future that is going to shape the whole Automobile industry and turns the tides in the favour of advancements. The video is a representation of a similar aspect to be utilized for making explainer videos and demonstrations.

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