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Automotive brands have traditionally been driven by factors like innovation, affordability, product portfolio & service excellence. With the globalisation & emergence of new age enterprises in the automotive sector, the aspects of service, quality & affordability are no- longer defining the rules of the game.

With hyper-sensitive buying behaviours, consumers experience across the journey maps starting from the early engagement to the ownership experiences are deciding the consumer loyalty and advocacy.

Despite this evolution, the communication has always been a centrepiece in building customer awareness, establishing trust, giving a product/service experience & personalisation at large. INK PPT understands these dynamics and is “Energising Communication” for different stakeholders of the automotive industry, today.

The process

What's Driving Conversation

The dynamics of the Automotive Industry are changing like never before. The industry is experiencing an unprecedented shift in the consumer behaviours, experiential factors, product capabilities and changing mindsets.

Consumer Behaviours

Multitask Driving

Experience Over Economy

Sharing V/S Ownership

Industry Trends

Electric Mobility

Stringent Compliances

Subscription Based Ownership

Product Innovation

On-Road Safety Integration

Carbon Neutrality

Composite Materials

Global Innovation

Android Cars

V2X Communications

Autonomous Driving

Experience Design

NexGen Infotainment

Personalization & Adaptive

Mobile Connected Ecosystem

We work across value chain

INK PPT specialises in empowering an organization with right communication tools & solutions for comprehensive excellence and brand success across domains by helping different teams achieve success in their endeavours towards a common vision.

Our services & solutions are reverse engineered to think of end objective first and then creating a customised meaningful approach towards achieving those results and customer delight.

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Transforming Relationship

There have been numerous transformation stories at INK PPT for many global brands who co-invested in the relationship & have experienced a shift in approach & perspective with our solutions while “Energising Communication” they do.
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