Get Uncomfortable, Cross The Unknown River, Explore New Possibilities!

3 friends, Jane, Lana and Alex were camping in a forest during the month of November, when fall was at its peak, the leaves were the color of burnt orange, and the flickering twilight between the dense trees reminded one of a parallel universe, where everything seemed perfect in harmony and nature. This was their usual camping spot, which they went to every year in order to get a short respite from the mundane city life and endless work hours that kept them glued to their phones, and desks.
Even though everything had its usual touch, this time, Lana had different plans! She really wanted to perk things up and try something that the 3 of them had never tried before. As they were sitting around the fire one night, Lana said “Hey guys, you know I was wondering, wouldn’t be great if we tried exploring the other side of this river”. She said that as she pointed to a bed of water that looked extremely still, so much so, that it would irk someone’s soul. It almost seemed inviting, yet daunting. There was momentary silence between the 3 before Alex burst out laughing. “ Lana, you’re crazy. You know I can’t even think of doing that. I just got over from healing from this foot fracture”. Jane too joined in and said “Lana, can’t we just do what we ALWAYS do, instead of venturing out into things we’ve never done before”. Aren’t you happy?” Lana said “Guys, this is exactly why I want to try this. We come here every year, do the same thing, roast marshmallows, talk about our life struggles and then explore the woods, and go back to the city life. I want us to do something different, something we can all remember. Alex, you don’t have to worry, I never said we had to be ‘Moses’ in order to cross the river. We will hire a boat. You can sit, take in the beauty, and relax. Jane, you need to expand your horizons, try out things you’ve never done before. How else would you grow?” The 2 friends didn’t say anything, but looked at each other and then Lana, and then finally smiled and agreed!
The next day, they set out early, all 3 of them huddled in a tiny boat, as they slowly made their way across the river. After several hours, they reached the other side, and even before they could plant their feet on the ground, they were shocked and bewildered by the amazing wealth they found in this spectacular natural surrounding! Luscious trees of some of the most exotic fruits, a tiny village that was buzzing with life, and the most gorgeous view of the mountain that they had never seen on any of their previous visits! They soon realized how much they had missed out on all these years. They always stayed safe on the OTHER side, but little did they know of the beauty and amazing views that were on the side that they were on NOW!
Unless you seek new possibilities, how will you know what you’re capable of achieving! They say ‘Your learning begins at the end of your comfort zone’, and this story proves it to be so.
*These stories are fictitious and are here to help you quote examples of leadership through inspiring and thought provoking anecdotes. Feel free to use these to amplify your message.*


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