Motion Graphics: Your Tool to Increase Retention

Motion graphics are a fast-rising means of advertisement and presentation. It has gained popularity because it helps to present to whoever is watching effectively. A boring static graphic can become very interesting and impressive when converted into a motion graphic.

We'd be discussing what motion graphics are, their benefits, and how they can be applied to your brand and business—interested in knowing? Keep on reading!

What Is Motion Graphics?

Motion graphics is mainly animation, with text as its primary component. Motion graphics can also be said to be pieces of animation or digital footage that create an illusion of rotation or motion and are often combined with audio, usually for multimedia projects. It can be called animated graphic design or graphics in action.

Motion graphics have a way of communicating to the viewer while adding depth to the message being passed across. Motion Graphics helps to convey your message quickly. When a message is presented in a video, viewers retain 95% of it, compared to 10% when it is shown in the text.

Motion graphics are gaining presence and popularity in the visual media industry. To know how motion graphics can be beneficial for use in your business and brand, let's move further.

Benefits of Using Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics can be pretty beneficial to your business. Here are some of the benefits you get from using Motion Graphics:

Increased Social Engagement

People often prefer videos to static pictures. So, motion graphics would help get the attention of your intended audience quickly. Motion graphics can also be shared with people without any difficulty.

Due to its shareability, it can quickly generate growth for marketing efforts. Motion graphics can also go viral soon if it's appealing enough to be shared by someone on social media. Because social media is growing, your brand can get visibility daily.

Young consumers don't like to go through a long list of pieces of information to know what you're offering and how it can benefit them, which is one reason motion graphics can be pretty successful. You can pass strings of information in seconds if you're sure of what you're going through.

It’s Visually Appealing

Motion Graphics can assist you in breaking away from the norms of promotional videos or typical presentations filled with stock footage. Motion graphics are a fresh and up-to-date way to represent your business and brand. Motion graphics are hardly limited; it's probably possible as long as you can visualize them. Making your pieces of information appealing visually to potential customers and investors increases the likelihood of patronization and investment.

Quicker Feedback by the Audience

Your audience quickly understands your message through motion graphics rather than pictures. And so they can quickly give their feedback and comments on your business ideas and services. This is because, through motion graphics, you dish out pieces of information and ideas about your brand that are easily understandable.

High Retention Rates

Motion graphics have a higher retention rate than pictures or textual content. Almost 65% of people are visual learners and appreciate visual representations. Motion graphics are sure to keep the viewers glued. They can be used on landing pages and websites; motion graphics can serve as entertainment and keep people on your page longer.

It’s Engaging and Informative

One crucial benefit of Motion graphics is their ability to be engaging and informative. Since motion graphics provide statistics and facts rather than opinion and speculation, it gains customers' confidence and intending investors faster. Adding motion graphics to a blog or website enhances your front page in google results by about 50 times and doubles the number of clicks when utilizing email marketing.

It Possesses Creative Freedom

There are no limits to what can be achieved using Motion graphics. You don't need an entire crew and cast to achieve motion graphics. Some experts can assist in creating the best motion graphics for whatever purpose.

Applications Of Motion Graphics

There are several motion graphics you can use for your brand and business. Here are a few of the ways motion graphics can be applied:

To Convey Thoughts and Information

Motion graphics are an excellent way to achieve that if you want to share pieces of information and convey your thoughts. It helps convey your ideas and information effectively while being easily understandable and memorable. You can be expressed creatively with motion graphics, making it possible to reach various audiences.

As Social Media Posts

Most people today rely on various social media platforms for information, news, education, entertainment, and so on. It is possible to draw people's attention to your social media posts with motion graphics. Motion graphics do a better job at drawing people's attention than any other material.

For Logo Design

Motion graphics can be used in the creation of animated logos. Another way you can make your business and brand stand out is by using animated stamps, which are becoming popular and are cost-efficient. Animated logos are pretty appealing, whether it's for your audience or an investor.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing includes various things, such as search engine optimization, email marketing, social media marketing, and several others. You need motion graphics to promote your business and brand through these marketing strategies. Motion graphics are widely used in digital marketing and are known to increase ROI, generate quality leads, and interact with your target audience.

Video Titles

You must have seen titles of videos and movies in motion. This is one of the most simple and common applications of Motion graphics. It makes it more exciting and keeps your audience glued to their screen.

Motion graphics can also impact the views of the audience about the video. Adding an extra overlay of drawings emphasizes information being passed across on the screen, helps you to draw emphasis to essential elements and increases the total information density of the content of the video.

How We Can Help

Motion graphics are gaining popularity and are here to stay. Motion graphics are more than just sleek animations. They are effective in communicating ideas and are great marketing tools. They help you retain your audience's attention when attention spans are getting shorter and shorter.

We at INK PPT help you convey your message just the way you desire by giving you the best motion graphics. We offer a wide variety of motion graphics services, including e-learning scenarios, explainer films, corporate films, educational content, launch films, and several others. Our team of 2D and 3D visualizers, animators, scriptwriters, and concept makers helps create the best motion graphics design that give you the best experience in style.

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