Presentation Explorer Series: How to insert footer in Powerpoint?

Ever wondered how to give your presentation a professional look by adding footers in all slides? Well, here’s help. This step by step guide to insert footers in PowerPoint presentation design will allow you to do the same with great ease. Just go with the flow and you’re done!

In this tutorial we will see how we can add footer in our presentation. You can see the two screens below showing with(right) and without ( footer.
1. Open Slide Master by going to view
1. Now, You can see Slide Master is open
2. Click on the footers to insert the footer Placeholders. Now, You will see three Placeholder as given below :
    1. For Date, 2. Your brand name/website, 3. Page No.
3. Now, Type the Date, Your Brand Name/website or anything which you want to add.
4. If you wish to change the color of the text in the footer. You can select the Specific text box and change the color by going to Home.
5. Close Slide Master by clicking on the “Close Master View” button.
6. Now, Click on Header & Footer by going to Insert Tab. A dialogue box will open.
7. Tick the option Date & Time, Slide master & Footer and, Click on “Apply to All Button” That’s it

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