Presentation Explorer Series: How to Modify Shapes in PowerPoint?

Working with shapes in PowerPoint is always fun and adds more substance to your presentations. PowerPoint offers the functionality and flexibility to create, format, edit and modify shapes using 3D effects, shadows and different colours to make it more eye-catching. But what if you realize that you need to modify all triangles that you used in your ppt, and convert it into star shape without changing all the effects that you’ve applied to each shape? Lot of effort, right? Wrong! It’s very easy to do this if you know the right way. Here’s how you can modify shapes in PowerPoint.
In this tutorial we will see how to modify shape in PowerPoint you can see a shape before and after modification.
1. Create a box using existing shapes of PowerPoint by going to insert, shapes and selecting a rectangle
2. Select the box and fill the colour by going to format, shape fill and select the colour
3. Select the shape you want to edit Now, go to Format Tab and choose Edit Point under edit shape option
4. Now, you will see the shapes nodes. Select the node of shape from where you want to edit
5. Drag the node inwards or outwards to make the shape curved from that node area
6. You can right click to delete a specific node if needed or add a new one

That’s about it! This is all you need to do to make change the shapes in your PowerPoint presentation. Go ahead, now play with shapes as much as you want.

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