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From Chef to Client Servicing Manager: A Journey of Transformation

Professional portrait of Nishtha
Nishtha Pal
From Chef to Client Servicing Manager: A Journey of Transformation


My career shift from the precision of pastry arts to the dynamics of client relations has been both breathtaking and enlightening. As a former bakery chef, I've transitioned from crafting delicate pastries to fostering strong client connections. 

The Culinary Journey:

My journey into the world of cooking began unexpectedly. After graduating as a History Honors student, I realized that archaeology wasn't my passion. Instead, I found myself drawn to the world of food. I decided to pursue my passion and enrolled in a professional Hotel Management program, where I excelled and ranked first in all batches. 

My culinary journey began with a trainee role at Ambassador Sky Chef, marking the official start of my career. From that point onward, I steadily ascended the professional ladder, seizing each opportunity for growth and advancement. Over the years, I embraced roles of increasing responsibility, culminating in my position as a Demi Chef de Partie (DCDP). Eventually, I achieved the role of head chef at a Golden Tulip hotels.

Recognising the call for change: 

After four years in the culinary industry, I began to notice certain drawbacks within the hotel sector, particularly concerning the treatment of employees. I started exploring the alternative career paths that would offer greater opportunities and fulfillment.

One fateful day, during a moment of introspection, I found myself pondering the question: "What else could I do?" It was during this soul-searching session that my friend made a suggestion that you change the course of your career: project management., I decided to explore this new avenue further.

Navigating the Transition:

Transitioning into project management, I embarked on a journey of exploration and adaptation. While searching for opportunities, a friend suggested applying at INK PPT. Upon sharing my resume with Aayush, I received an interview invitation within a week.

During the interview, I encountered an unexpected question about selecting a cake for an employee's birthday. Despite the surprise, I recommended a hazelnut cake for its unique flavors, sparking a three-hour conversation with Aayush.

Joining INK PPT in 2018 as a junior project manager marked a significant shift. Adjusting to a desk job after years of standing work felt unfamiliar, but I embraced the challenge of understanding corporate clients and navigating a new industry landscape.


When I started my new job, things were tough. Simple tasks felt overwhelming, and I struggled to manage my time efficiently, spending way too long on things that should have been quick. But I didn't give up. Slowly, I got the hang of it.

My first big project, working with BigBreaks, was really hard. Teaming up with a designer, it felt like we were facing an impossible task. But each challenge taught me something new, making me stronger and better at solving problems. After six months, my role at the company changed, adding more responsibilities.

Even though I wasn't meeting expectations at first, my mentor Aayush never lost faith in me. Just when I was about to throw in the towel, he trusted me with a crucial project. And when I delivered it flawlessly, it was a game-changer. It gave me the confidence boost I needed to keep going.

Over the years, I kept growing in my role, working with big companies and earning recognition as the "Google Queen" within the company. Looking back, I'm thankful for the lessons and the people I've learned with Puneet, Nikita and Sakshi. This place isn't just a workplace anymore—it's my home, thanks to the support, guidance, and belief in myself.


My journey from chef to client servicing manager has been a story of growth and transformation. Despite initial challenges, I persevered with the help of mentors like Aayush and Puneet, who believed in me when I doubted myself.

Reflecting on this journey, I'm thankful for the lessons learned and the opportunities seized. This organization has become my home, where resilience, mentorship, and self-belief have been my guiding lights.

As I look forward, I'm excited to continue growing and facing new challenges, confident in my abilities and supported by a strong community.

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Professional portrait of Nishtha

About the Author

Nishtha Pal - Orchestrating Excellence

I hold the conductor's baton for every task within our dynamic team. My dedication knows no departmental bounds as I wholeheartedly dive into the intricacies of planning and execution, ensuring that INK PPT operates with seamless efficiency. I'm here to make the magic happen, where every project, every detail, and every moment counts.

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