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INK x Panchayat by Aswin

My 100 days at INKPPT ! 
Aswin Kumar
INK x Panchayat by Aswin

I never imagined my life would resemble a TV series, but that's exactly how it felt when I made the move to Gurugram to start my career at INKPPT.

The early days were nothing short of a rollercoaster ride. Initially, it was dull, and I was moving around with no real work to do. However, within just a week of joining, there was an exciting company trip. It was a fantastic opportunity to bond with my new colleagues and get to know them better. Laughter, adventure, and fellowship filled those days, and it marked the beginning of the transformation of mere colleagues into friends.

Onboarding Gifts From INK PPT

Once we returned from the trip, it was time to roll up our sleeves and dive into work. This transition was a bit challenging for me initially, as I grappled with the newness of my surroundings and the demands of my role. However, as time passed, I began to find my groove, and the challenges became stepping stones on my journey.

Working on presentation designs posed a significant challenge for me initially, given my lack of familiarity. However, I began to understand the extent of its scope. I started exploring ways to integrate my skills to enhance the effectiveness of the designs. This realization highlighted why INKPPT stands out in the realm of presentation design.

Around this time, I started watching a series called "Panchayat." What struck me as remarkable was how the storyline seemed to mirror my own life. Day after day, I found myself identifying more and more with the show's main character. The similarities were uncanny. There was one episode where the protagonist had difficulties staying in the panchayat office, a scenario that reflected my own struggles with my hostel landlord that led to frequent moves. It was as though the series had an uncanny way of reflecting my daily experiences.

There was another instance where I had to work on a project which had a tight deadline & my whole team was on Diwali vacation. It was similar to the show where Pradhanji is on vacation & something comes up where the protagonist has to handle it on his own. Similarly, I had to handle the project just like the Pradhanji in the series. My boss gave me the support to get through the project. It was a remarkable project that required me to travel to Dubai and collaborate with the event team in person. Witnessing the results of your tireless efforts on the screen is truly exhilarating; it provides a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

Event Journey Dubai

This journey of starting a career in a new city where you hardly know anyone is akin to embarking on an exciting, yet uncertain adventure. It's a step into the unknown, a leap into uncharted waters. In this new world, your world is confined to your colleagues, neighbors, boss, manager, and acquaintances. However, over time, these acquaintances begin to evolve into meaningful relationships.

Your colleagues transform into close friends, your neighbors become like family, your boss assumes the role of a mentor, and the acquaintances you cross paths with gradually start to feel like part of your extended family. Even the driver who safely transports you to the office every day becomes your "Bhaiya" . It's a journey of discovering countless brothers and sisters along the way, people who extend their hands in warm welcome without any ulterior motives, who love and care for you without expecting anything in return.

Diwali Celebration In Office

It's within these everyday connections & flow of life, that the true beauty of the journey unfolds. This isn't just about exploring a new city and a new career; it's about exploring the depths of the human heart and the remarkable capacity of people to make you feel at home, even in the most unfamiliar of surroundings.

Gurugram has become more than a mere location for my career. It's now a place where my heart has found another home. This chapter of my life may be like a series, but it's a series filled with moments, experiences, and relationships that are uniquely mine, and for that, I'm eternally 


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About the Author

Aswin Kumar - Mastering the art of versatility

I excel in manoeuvring through the intricacies of the contemporary workplace, thriving amidst its multifaceted landscape, Turning challenges into opportunities and opportunities into triumphs. Beyond my role as a dedicated professional, I'm recognized for my relentless curiosity and commitment to continuous learning. My ability to seamlessly transition between different tasks and excel in diverse arenas sets me apart.

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