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MG Motors - Auto Expo 2023 Interactive Presentation Design

Delivered high-quality, interactive presentations for MG Motors' 2023 Auto Expo event.
Event Presentations, Touchscreen Presentations
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Project Introduction

Delivering High-Quality Presentations and Touchscreen Interactions for MG Motors' Auto Expo 2023 Event.MG Motors India, a subsidiary of China's SAIC Motor Corporation, is a leading car manufacturer in India. The company focuses on developing sustainable and electric vehicles, and it participated in the Auto Expo 2023 event, which is the biggest car show in India. The company's goal for the event was to showcase its latest products and technologies and promote sustainability in the automobile industry.

Project Challenges

The project team faced several challenges during the preparation for the event. The first challenge was last-minute edits and changes in the presentation flow, which caused confusion and delays in the development process. The team had to work around the clock to accommodate the changes and meet the tight deadline. Another challenge was the lack of clarity on the approval process, which caused uncertainty and anxiety among the team members. Finally, a last-minute touchscreen for car specs did not work, causing further delays and stress.

Interesting Story

The MG Motors team initially faced challenges with the final content for their Auto Expo 2023 event, with last-minute edits and no clear presentation flow. However, we at our company worked tirelessly with the client, sitting down with them until 4 AM to rework the entire flow and deliver the project on time. Through our experience in the industry, we conducted 8 levels of quality checks and rechecked the touchscreens every morning. In the end, the presentation was a success, and the MG Motors team was appreciative of our work, with the media and top-level management impressed with the final outcome. The project was a testament to our dedication to delivering high-quality work, even in challenging circumstances.

Our Solution

Despite these challenges, the project team used its expertise and experience to deliver high-quality presentations and touchscreen interactions for the Auto Expo 2023 event. The team worked in batches and rounds, with each batch undergoing eight levels of quality checks to ensure accuracy and consistency. The team also rechecked the touchscreens every morning to ensure they were working correctly. The team's persistence and attention to detail helped to overcome the challenges and deliver a top-quality product.

Impact of our Project

The MG Motors team was impressed with the project team's work and appreciated the team's dedication and hard work. The presentations and touchscreens were well-received by the media and top-level management, and they helped to promote MG Motors' brand and message of sustainability at the Auto Expo 2023 event. The success of the project also helped to strengthen the relationship between the project team and MG Motors, paving the way for future collaborations.

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