Glenmark & Their Remarkable Launch

Designed launch presentations for Candid Powder and La-Shield sunscreen by Glenmark.
Presentation Design

Glenmark & Their Remarkable Launch

Glenmark is a well-established global pharmaceutical brand headquartered in Mumbai. They approached us to design captivating presentations for them as they launched two new products: Candid Powder and La Shield Sunscreen on the OTC platforms. The presentations were not only to be used to present to the audience on their launch event, but also as further sales and business pitch decks for long term communication.

Creation of a Stunning Visual Design

With the purpose of creating a communication that serves extraordinarily in design, storytelling and data representation, we went through an intensive research process for visuals, text, fonts, messaging, and brand image portrayal.


We further developed an infographic design language that would define the presentation deck for Candid. Our challenge was to simplify the heavily informative content that described the product and hence showcase it in a way that creates a personalized impact on the audience. With a right mix of vectors and infographics embedded with the brand colour palette, we were able to deliver an exemplary visual design that was striking for all its audience ever since.


The presentation deck for LaShield had to have a different approach that stood unique in itself. It was created using a balanced combination of infographic patterns that showcased the data in brevity and real-life imagery that enhanced the visual beauty of the narrative. The presentation template was synchronized with the visual design of the product and its packaging, creating an aesthetic coherence and relatability. The presentation we delivered further proved to be a success amongst its spectators and stakeholders.

An Idea Well Designed is Appreciated

With a rigorous work of creativity, exploration, and experimentation, the presentations delivered for both the products served to be remarkably impressive to its audience. They have been widely appreciated for its design, relatability, and impact till date. The presentation deck created for LaShield also backed the position of best presentation in the event.

We can positively say that an idea well thought, and a design we created is surely appreciated.


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