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Glenmark & Their Remarkable Launch

Designed launch presentations for Candid Powder and La-Shield sunscreen by Glenmark.
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Glenmark Pharmaceuticals is a global pharmaceutical brand headquartered in Mumbai.

They approached INK PPT to design launch presentations for their two new products, Candid Powder and La-Shield sunscreen, which were to be presented at the OTC platforms.

The presentations had to be designed in a way that not only made an impact on the launch event but also served as a long-term sales and business pitch deck.


The challenge for INK PPT was to design captivating presentations that would effectively communicate the features and benefits of the products to the audience.

The content was heavily informative and needed to be simplified to create a personalized impact on the audience.

The presentations had to be visually appealing and engaging to hold the audience's attention and create a lasting impression.


INK PPT undertook an intensive research process to create a communication that was extraordinary in design, storytelling, and data representation.

For the Candid Powder presentation, we developed an infographic design language that simplified the informative content and showcased the product in a personalized way. With a mix of vectors and infographics embedded with the brand's color palette, we were able to deliver a striking visual design.

For the La-Shield sunscreen presentation, we used a balanced combination of infographic patterns that showcased the data in brevity and real-life imagery that enhanced the visual beauty of the narrative. The presentation template was synchronized with the visual design of the product and its packaging, creating an aesthetic coherence and relatability.


The presentations delivered by INK PPT were remarkably impressive and widely appreciated for their design, relatability, and impact.

They were successful in effectively communicating the features and benefits of the products and creating a lasting impression on the audience. The La-Shield sunscreen presentation also won the award for the best presentation at the event.

Here are some of the impacts that INK PPT's presentations had:

  • Created a personalized impact on the audience, making it easy for them to understand and remember the product features and benefits.
  • Held the audience's attention throughout the presentation, creating a lasting impression and generating interest in the products.
  • Increased brand awareness and improved the image of Glenmark Pharmaceuticals as a leader in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Created a strong foundation for long-term sales and business pitch decks, leading to better business opportunities and collaborations in the future.
  • Strengthened the relationship between Glenmark Pharmaceuticals and their stakeholders, leading to increased trust and loyalty towards the brand.
  • Helped Glenmark Pharmaceuticals achieve their goal of effectively launching their products and standing out in the competitive market.

Overall, INK PPT's presentations successfully helped Glenmark Pharmaceuticals communicate the features and benefits of their products and create a lasting impression on the audience, leading to increased brand awareness and better business opportunities.

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