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INK Refills - by Vinita Narang

Vinita Narang Ojha
INK Refills - by Vinita Narang

Namaste everyone!

I'm Vinita, a proud Indori, and a happily married woman to my school-time best buddy, Aayush Ojha. Our union blends the rich cultural tapestry of Sindhi and Brahmin traditions. My heart finds joy in nurturing my two bundles of mischief – Nivaan, who is 7.5-year-old, and Maanvik, who is 4.5-year-old.

A little about me and my Janmbhoomi that is also my Karmabhoomi!

Indore, the heart of India and now the cleanest city of India 6 times in a row, is where I was born and raised. The pride of being an Indori runs deep in my veins.

I find sukoon in dancing, watching cricket, listening to music, cooking & traveling… I pour my heart into everything I do. It's the simple joys that I enjoy with my whole heart.

Just 1 mantra that I follow - karo toh pure mann se karo warna mat hi karo!

I started my career at Orcomm Advertising in Indore, where I served as a Client Servicing Manager for four fulfilling years (2012-2016). This period stands out as the happiest chapter in my work life. Amit and Kavita Koserwal, my ex-bosses, were not just mentors but the architects of a work environment that felt more like family than an office. They both set a benchmark for mentorship, and their influence continues to shape my professional approach even today. The bond we shared went beyond the realms of a typical workplace, creating a space where I was nurtured with utmost love and care. Even today, they hold a special place in my heart.

Then I made a conscious choice to step back from my role to embrace the precious moments of motherhood. What began as a brief pause extended into a prolonged one (May 2016-April 2022), leading to unexpected but deeply enriching experiences. Here I nurtured not 1 but 2 of my precious boys!

In 2022, Nivaan was already 6 and Maanvik too turned 3, that’s when I thought to reignite my career! With the desire to rekindle my career, the concept of working from home seemed like a godsent solution (the post-covid era, where the WFH concept was born). Little did I know that the reality was far from the perceived convenience. But more on that in a separate blog!

While Instagram was stealing the show with the most engaging content, I found myself scrolling through LinkedIn, the platform where professional dreams take flight. It was during that time when I stumbled upon a job posting by INK PPT - this rad company all about presentations. Seriously, who knew presentations could be so cool, right?

The Midnight Application

It was a regular midnight scroll, after my boys were asleep at 12:30 AM, I stumbled upon a job listing that ignited my interest. I applied without any expectations and decided to sleep on it, unaware that this one spontaneous act would alter the course of my professional journey. 

While I was busy in hawan karenge hawan karenge the next morning, as it was Navratra Ashtmi, my phone buzzed with an unexpected call – an interview opportunity with INKPPT.

From Havan to Hiring

After the havan, I researched about the company and faced two back-to-back interviews, one with Puneet and the other with Aayush. Not to forget, I discussed this with Amit & Kavita too and they too did their share of homework before giving me a green signal.

By 10:30 PM the very same day, I found myself exchanging vows with INK and saying 'I do' to a new professional journey, refilling my career with newly found INK!

And so, on April 18, 2022, I officially restarted my career, very nervous and with a pocketful of outdated experiences, BUT the determination to make this chapter the most vibrant yet....

Stay tuned for more post-refill adventures, where I'll uncover the truths about working from home and explore the intricacies of building a career with INKPPT in my next blog!

A big thank you for hanging out with me in my first-ever blog! I'm super excited about the stories I'll be sharing with you. Join me on this journey as we delve into the transformative moments at INK PPT. The creatively charged walls of this space became the canvas where I discovered my passion for presentation design and it didn't take long before I was completely immersed in the enchanting world of visual storytelling. 

As we navigate through the nitty-gritty of working from home, embark on office trip tales, and unravel the beautiful stories of coworkers turning into family, I hope you find inspiration and connection in each word.

There's a lot more INK to be spilled and decks to be flipped. Are you ready to click 'Next'?"

Welcome to my INKed world!

Vinita Aayush Ojha (VAO)

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Vinita Narang Ojha - Orchestrating Words with Precision

In the realm of communication, I'm not just a consultant; I'm a maestro orchestrating words with precision. As a Project Manager at INK PPT, I navigate the intricate symphony of ideas, ensuring each note resonates, creating harmonies that leave a lasting imprint. Together, let's craft narratives that echo in the hearts of your audience.

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