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From brainstorming and interactive sessions to perfectly executing huge projects, we work together with a fantastic creative inflow and loads of joy.


The journey of INK PPT is charged with experiences and enthusiasm. We strive to push our limits and achieve the best with time. Numerous fun activities, including Games, Pictionary, Quizzes, are carried to promote team-building and work-life balance with the essence of creativity.


Learning is a persistent phenomenon mirrored at INK PPT to make us learn new skills and empower us. Continuous interactions for the enhanced competency of every employee are monitored. This process helps us to deliver the top-notch results with consistency.


The family which eats together lives together. The same is happening at INK PPT where we relish every moment spent together and, evolve into a better personality. Regular activities take place to treat our employees for their tremendous work and efforts.


We believe in supporting everyone to learn and then execute the plans aligned with our goals. Achievable milestones get determined to stimulate employees and make them realize their expertise. All these activities have helped us to make a substantial difference in the industry.


We are full of love and affection for the family of INK PPT and our clients. The desire is to behave selflessly and welcome the efforts of every employee working with us. Handling projects with empathy and compassion eases out every situation and helps us grow collectively.


Humans are known to engage and express well for communication. We understand the relevance of speaking out loud and putting out the ideas for an inventive approach. For the same reasons, our employees are motivated to speak at regular intervals and make an impactful impression.

We Are Open

We are on a constant lookout for the great talent to be a part of us. Join us today for exploring the future of marketing, communication & presentations together.

We Are Open



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