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China India Foundation: Fusing Cultures & Developing Associations

Created cross-cultural documentations for China India Foundation using strong imagery and well-researched aesthetics.
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Fusing Cultures & Developing Associations

Ashoka University has a student exchange program between India and China, for which a cross-cultural document was needed to be prepared. The most integral part was to portray the cultures of both countries in perfect synchronization using the design language while keeping the document informative at the core.

Decoding the Brand DNA

Our intent remains consistent to communicate the brand and its identity in every single aspect be it an image, font style, iconography, or anything with a brand’s name on it. The same was carried out here which gave rise to a tremendous document that was informative enough and pleasing to the eyes as well.

Learning the Objectives

The document was meant to be used in China, during a strategic seminar that required complete perfection from our end, and that too within an extremely short period. After understanding the applications, we came out with the perfect blend of visual language and turned around a wonderful document speaking in the tone intended.

Design Language which originated from Identity

Pleasingly beautiful designs were made keeping the brand identity at the core, we were successful in extending the visual language and bringing forth a unique document with a brand essence being intact.

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