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Designing a New Approach for Merino Laminates

Created a new design approach for Merino Laminates for the corporate presentation deck and Brochures.
Corporate Profile, Brochures
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Merino Laminates is a leading manufacturer and supplier of decorative laminates in India. They approached INK PPT to redesign their corporate presentation deck and brochures while adhering to their current brand guidelines.

The project required us to come up with innovative design solutions to showcase Merino's laminates in a visually appealing and engaging way.


The primary challenge was to design a presentation and brochure that would stand out in the highly competitive laminate industry. Merino's existing materials lacked the visual appeal and creativity needed to capture the audience's attention.

Another challenge was to deliver the project within a short timeframe and ensure that the final design was consistent with the client's brand guidelines.


INK PPT's solution was to create a new design approach that was consistent with Merino's brand bedrock while incorporating a fresh and modern visual style.

We created a visual language that incorporated bright colors, bold typography, and high-quality images to showcase the product's features and benefits.

The INK PPT team worked closely with Merino's marketing team to understand their goals and objectives and used our expertise in presentation and brochure design to develop a solution that met their needs.


Here are some of the impact points covered by the INK PPT team:

  • The new design approach for Merino's presentation deck and brochures was well-received by their internal team and customers.
  • The visually appealing and engaging design helped Merino stand out in the highly competitive laminate industry, attracting new customers.
  • The project was completed within the short timeframe, ensuring that Merino could present the new materials at an upcoming industry event.
  • The project's success led to a long-term partnership between Merino and INK PPT, with INK PPT continuing to provide design solutions for their marketing materials.

Overall, INK PPT's expertise and dedication helped Merino Laminates improve their marketing materials' visual appeal and drive business growth.

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