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5 Essential Slides to Include in Your Campus Recruitment Presentation

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5 Essential Slides to Include in Your Campus Recruitment Presentation

You're prepared to leave a lasting impression on the students attending your employer information session because the space is reserved, registration numbers are promising, and the room is booked.

Hosting an on-campus info session as a crucial component of your campus recruitment presentation is an excellent approach to connecting with potential applicants and building your employer brand at the local level.

But before you begin, we must inquire about the caliber of your slide presentation.

Effective presentations can captivate audiences and persuade them to accept your ideas. You want to ensure that your presentation (and your employer brand) are memorable—in the most excellent way possible—in a room full of enquiring, career-focused Gen Y talent.

How can you make a convincing and captivating slideshow presentation?

Read on:

1. Feature a simple and informative slide design that should meet the expectations of the students.

Design-savvy is one of the many descriptions given to Gen Y pupils. They've formed specific judgments about what looks nice and what doesn't, from mobile apps to business cards.

Your template design should live up to their expectations. Do you really believe they'll pay attention to a slide that's pure white and has Comic Sans font? Think again. Information that is attractively presented and well-organized inspires Generation Y. They regularly interact with dynamic visual content, so they don't want to sit through a dull presentation.

Consider the presentation's overall structure and theme if you're in charge of making your own slide deck. Use simple, contrasting colors on your slides to enhance dimension and highlight important terms and phrases. When accompanying text, photos should be kept to one or two on each slide, and creative typography should be explored. In your design, stay away from animated components (which are out of date and intrusive). Most significant? Formatting should be consistent!

If your creative team is in charge of designing your deck, collaborate with them to include Gen Y-friendly concepts in your overall structure.

2. Consider your presentation as a further representation of your employer brand.

You want students to leave your information session with the impression that your company is the most incredible location to launch a successful career, so consider your presentation an extension of your employer brand.

The best method to transmit the qualities that make your company distinctive is through the individuals who currently work there, which you must do to accomplish that.

The presentation technique of storytelling is highly powerful. It can aid in increasing audience engagement and fostering an emotional bond between them and your ideas. Build and create a PowerPoint presentation that engages students personally using anecdotes, testimonials, and other personal cues from your staff. When an employer brand is sincere and honest, students can tell. Don't be hesitant to give the professional some individuality! If possible, get quotes from workers your student audience can identify, such as recent recruits, Gen Y employees who are already established in their jobs, or student interns.

3. The most accessible approach to convey your thoughts to the students attending your info session is using concise, easily understood the material.

Generation Y's information consumption habits have been influenced by growing up during the social media revolution (which makes sense in a world limited to 140 characters or less).

Source: TalentEgg Trends

Unsure of how to concentrate your messaging? The 10/20/30 Rule by Guy Kawasaki is useful for structuring your thoughts. The venture capitalist came up with the concept in 2005 to alter how business owners presented their bids, which has since developed into a standard procedure for all presentations.

The fundamental principle is that you should keep your presentation to no more than 10 slides, keep the presentation to no more than 20 minutes, and use text at least 30 points in size.

According to Kawasaki, 10 slides is a fair standard because most people have problems comprehending more than 10 things simultaneously. A formal presentation of your ideas should take no longer than 20 minutes, providing plenty of time for a fruitful conversation to follow. Your messaging will be clearer and easier to comprehend if you use a 30-point font (larger font requires less slide space). The 10/20/30 Rule can increase the likelihood that your message will be understood.

4. Put a strong emphasis on your company's mission and vision.

Describe the organization's long- and short-term goals. The younger generation nowadays is not just looking for a well-paying job. They are looking for something that will offer them meaning in life. They are more conscious of the potential negative future effects of current decisions.

Source: Powtoon

You may identify the best individuals who are in line with the objectives of your firm by having a clear understanding of your mission and vision. You may connect with a prospective pool of workers who desire to change the world by developing your employer brand.

5. Include visuals to help your audience understand and connect with your thoughts.

Be careful not to let your information speak for itself. Show Generation Y why they should work with your company. Literally.

Multidimensional elements, including high-quality images, audio snippets, graphics, and video content, can significantly improve your presentation. Overly text-heavy slides can give students the impression that your company is out-of-touch with modern design and technology trends (something they inherently value).

When possible, use photos of actual personnel; stock photos are apparent and lend your presentation a fake or cheap appearance. Additionally, you may use TalentEgg video footage in your presentations to support your arguments and respond to some of the inquiries students might have about your business, such as what employees value most about the workplace environment.

What are the essential qualities young people look for in an organization?

A job isn't the only thing that almost all fresh grads eager to enter the workforce are searching for. They desire their job to contribute to something greater actively.

  • Organizations with strong ethical standards and various cultures are more appealing to students. Breaking down gender stereotypes and eradicating social stigma is becoming more common. 83% of young people want to work for organizations with diverse workforces.
  • If sustainable practices are not implemented, the youth's future will be compromised. Climate change is currently the top issue for young people in terms of sustainable future possibilities, according to 67% of them. This generation recognizes the value of protecting the environment and is eager to cooperate with organizations that can improve the planet for future generations.


The idea behind employing recent graduates and conducting campus interviews has gradually shifted. Top organizations no longer approach colleges; instead, it is frequently the other way around.

Organizations know how critical it is to develop an employer brand that supports and nurtures students' academic and professional development from the beginning. In the past, only book-smart candidates were needed for campus recruitment. Workplace culture, work-life balance, ethics, working with industry rock stars, and many other topics are now prioritized.

To adapt your organization's campus recruitment presentation techniques to appeal to a broader audience, join a top-notch presentation team made up of presentation design professionals like Emaze, Prezi, and Slides. The team can assist you in developing a distinctive voice that can connect with potential employees and knows the importance of employer branding while developing recruitment presentations.


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