Inspire Presentation Making Principles From Relationships

A presentation is like a two-way conversation. It’s about YOU, as well as the audience in front, or around you. A lot of people consider presentations as just a one sided affair, where they deliver their expert knowledge in bullet points and move on, however that is not the suggested way, if you wish to connect with your audience beyond the podium, and if you intend to garner greater business opportunities post presentation. A good presentation is a lot like nurturing a personal relationship. It is all about getting your audience involved in what you’re talking about, getting their response in real time, and engaging them in ways that are more relatable and in sync with who they are!
Giving presentations is not as easy, and building a connect with the audience is quite a gamble, as you can never be too sure of what to expect. Knowing the subject to the core is essential to start with, but if those thoughts and points are not presented in an organized way, they can come across as vague and ambiguous, and can fail to make the impact you desire. Now, with that being said, there are certain factors that can help ease the process for you, and can ensure that you NOT only give a great presentation, but that it stems from a personalized approach, the kind that you have in your personal relationships!

Keeping it simple, just the way we like keeping our relationships

A simple approach towards a relationship is what lasts a lifetime, and making it complicated only lands us in trouble, right? Everyone wants to keep things light, and easy, and that is exactly how you should approach your presentation making skills. When giving a presentation, we tend to overdo it, without even realizing. But it is important to keep the information and overall presentation simple, and easy to understand. Remember, you’re talking to a varied audience, and not all of them will connect with every single aspect of what you are trying to say, so it is vital to keep things to the point, and easy to grasp in one go.

Nobody likes a complicated relationship, and similarly no one likes complicated designs!

Busy and super intense relationships with a lot of complications ends in disaster, and that is what happens when you overdo the design aspect of a presentation too. When it comes to design, the layout of your presentation, color schemes and visuals should all look coherent, and be easy on the eye. Extremely dark colors, or colors that are too loud would not work. Pastel shades, a lot more white, and appealing images that are not too ‘busy’ looking would convey a whole lot more than words alone, so keep simplicity at the core with a modern day appeal in design.

A relationship that inspires you, is what gets the ball rolling, and so is the case with your presentation too

A routine based relationship is boring and uninspiring. Whether it is a relationship with your best friend, or better half, you want to wake up feeling energized each day because of that person, and you feel inspired to take action that is in sync with your desires and ambitions. Similarly, presentations that inspire people are what leave an everlasting impression. Stats and figures are fine, but are there any key takeaways? Does your presentation evoke a certain thought? Is it for THEIR better? At the end of the day, we all need something to feel good about, and something that inspires us to do better and bigger things. Every presentation has a tone, and in most cases, the one with informal chemistry and empathy works every single time.

Every successful relationship breeds on relatability and stories that connect, and the same goes for a successful presentation as well

In all your personal relationships, you have stories to tell, memories to share, or relatable qualities to find a common ground with. So, why not take that approach in your presentation making principles? A good way to start off a presentation is with either a funny, lighthearted story, or you could share memories and instances that have an emotional connect, as that will pique everyone’s interest, and roll the ball in the right direction, besides of course, taking the pressure off!

Honesty is the key to a solid relationship, and this is the same key to a great presentation too

No matter how progressive the world around us gets, we all want relationships embedded in honesty and a sense of credibility. This factor also rings true for an impactful presentation. There is nothing more refreshing than a presenter who is honest, up front, and unique in his or her way. This always bridges that invisible gap between you and the audience, and makes them tune into what you have to say, as you automatically become more approachable and more akin to their outlook.
Much like creating and nurturing a great relationship that is strong and based on the qualities you desire, every presentation must also resonate with the same attributes if you want to connect with your audience in ways that go beyond the 4 walls of the conference room. At the end of the day, your presentation should capture the interest, encourage a two way conversation, and should inspire confidence, besides developing a keen understanding of the topic or the topics you bring to the table.


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