Live poll ideas for your next PowerPoint presentation

Polls allow you to collect non-verbal responses from your audience in real-time. This creates more engagement especially when you are presenting online. With polls, you will learn more about your audience and will be able to gather insights and ideas leading to productive and meaningful discussion. Here are some live poll ideas for your next PowerPoint presentation.

Interactive icebreaker

Starting your meeting with a poll question will help you to involve with your team in a conversation from the beginning. This will you will show that it’s not just about the presentation but making conversation. You will let the audience know that their inputs matter and their insights, ideas, and thoughts will be taken care of during the presentation.

Some examples of interactive icebreakers are:

  • On a scale of 1-10, how excited are you after our last all-hands meeting?
  • How was the last week for you, tell in one word?
  • Any highlights from the last week?
  • On a scale of 1-10, how excited are you after our last all-hands meeting?
  • If given a chance to praise someone’s work, who will that be?

Get suggestions from your team

From planning company strategy to setting team goals, project plans, and more- It’s important to know whether your team understand the expectations and future scope or not. Only then you will be able to align everything and make sure that the team is rowing in the same direction.

With live polls, the team can easily share their thoughts and ideas. And with this idea, since the responses in polls are anonymous, the team members will be honest. It will help you to know the real issues hence proving the team a safe space to share their thoughts.

Some examples of interactive icebreakers are:

  • On a scale of 1-10 how defined is our strategy for you?
  • Any suggestions from your end that we can add to our plan?

Involve everyone in the decision making

Having final decision making on a virtual call can be cumbersome. Some people speak over their teammates while some interrupt, and some face other technical or non-technical issues in expressing and speaking their opinion.

If the options are clear and you can’t agree on which direction to take, go for a live poll. It will give an equal chance to everyone to have a say in the decision-making process. Let them vote and take their decision. It’s more efficient and politically neutral. Each vote is anonymous and can give a conclusive decision.


Polls can be used to brainstorm the options and priorities. This way it will allow the people to vote for the most impactful one. During the presentation, give your audience the time to think about the project and how it will help the team to achieve the goals. By entering the results in the poll, more ideas come in. After you receive the results review them and discuss them with the team.

Collecting insights from the team for a discussion

Discussing the project and the action plan with your team will help you to stay on the same page. Here are some questions you can ask from your team with live polls:

  • On a scale of 1-5, how confident are you achieving the project deadline?
  • Do you think there are any roadblocks?

Such questions work as springboards to start a discussion with the audience. Once the responses are recorded, review them and encourage the audience to share their thoughts and discuss.

Address team questions

Now that you are done presenting, it’s time for question and answer. Address the questions and concerns of your team especially after important strategy and planning meetings. Adding an interactive question and answer slide to the end of the presentation in the form of a poll will enable your team to anonymously answer to them.

Add a quiz to your PowerPoint presentation

Adding an interactive quiz to your PowerPoint presentation will make it more engaging. Create a quiz inside the presentation deck in the form of a poll. Some examples of quizzes that we can have in our presentation are:

  • Business quiz:

This quiz can be on the numbers relating to sales, sign-ups, targets achieved, and more.

  • Know your teammates:

This quiz will help to bond with teammates even when everyone is working remotely.

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