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My boss wants to have the logo big on every slide! What should I do?

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A laptop displaying a presentation screen with various images, including the corporate logo, to establish a consistent brand image and foster trust.
My boss wants to have the logo big on every slide! What should I do?


We've all been there - the boss insists on a giant logo on every slide of the presentation, believing it strengthens the brand's presence. But is bigger always better? In the world of professional presentation design, harmony between content and branding is key. In this personal exploration, we will navigate through the complexities of logo placement and size in your corporate presentations.

Before delving into the intricacies, it's vital to understand why your manager might be interested in having the logo prominently visible. The brand is visually represented by the corporate logo, which also acts as an identifying sign. Making sure it is visible in presentations contributes to establishing a consistent brand image, fostering trust, and strengthening brand recognition.

The Big Logo Debate

"Why does our logo need to be so big?" This question often leads to a tug-of-war between branding impact and design aesthetics.

Organizations frequently stress the need of a large logo in presentations for the following reasons-

  1. Brand Recognition

Improved brand recognition is a result of a large, conspicuous logo. The audience is more likely to recall the logo if it is presented more frequently.

  1. Cohesive Brand Image

Companies frequently strive for a single, consistent brand image through all media. This objective is supported by a continually prominent logo in presentations, which gives the audience a smooth brand experience.

  1. Corporate Identity

One essential component of a business's corporate identity is its logo. It acts as a graphic depiction of the mission, values, and general identity of the company.

  1. Marketing and Advertising Strategies

A big logo is a component of a larger plan for businesses who are actively doing marketing and advertising efforts to raise brand awareness.

  1. Consistency Across Platforms

Upholding uniformity over various channels is essential for preserving brand integrity. Presenting a huge version of your logo complements other branding elements like business cards, websites, and promotional items.



Mycard - presentation template: A visually appealing template for creating professional presentations.

Understanding Brand Presence

A logo is undeniably a potent symbol of your company's identity. Yet, its power does not solely derive from size.

Unquestionably, a logo is a powerful representation of a company's identity. Yet, its real power comes from its careful design, significant significance, and ability to evoke strong feelings in the viewer.

Your brand is a story unfolding across all customer touchpoints.

- Jonah Sachs

The presence of a logo is about consistent recognition, not dominance.

The Art of Subtlety

Mastering the art of subtlety can be more effective than overwhelming your audience with size. A subtle logo placement can indeed be a Powerpoint Design Services best practice, maintaining brand visibility without distraction.

Questions to Consider

●      Will a large logo add to the message or the clutter?

●      Are there industry standards or expectations regarding logo size?

●      How can we satisfy the branding requirements without compromising design?

●      Does the Logo Align with Brand Values and Messaging?

●      How do the size and placement of the logo affect the visual hierarchy of our presentations?

●      Will the logo stand the test of time, or does it risk becoming outdated?

●      How does it scale in terms of size without losing its visual impact?

●      Have we ensured compliance with trademark and copyright regulations?

Balancing Act: Insights from our decade of experience in designing impactful Presentations

To balance your boss's branding desires with presentation design agency, consider these actionable tips from Team INK PPT

●      Use the logo strategically on key slides rather than every slide.

McLaren Formula 1 team logo: A sleek, silver emblem featuring the iconic McLaren name and a stylized speedometer, symbolizing their racing prowess.

●      Opt for a small but sharp logo to maintain a professional look

McLaren and Deloitte join forces to revolutionize their partnership, enhancing innovation and growth.

●      Implement the logo into the slide master to ensure consistency without redundancy.

A PowerPoint slide with a text box, allowing users to add and format text.

●      Include recurring branding components in the presentation, such as fonts and color palettes. This preserves the overall design while producing a visual harmony that strengthens brand recognition.

●      Start a discussion about principles and audience involvement with your supervisor. Stress the value of balance, hierarchy, and visual flow, highlighting the ways in which these concepts support clear communication.

●      Reiterate that providing insightful knowledge is the presentation's main objective. To keep the audience's attention on the main point, place the logo such that it complements the content being delivered rather than detracts from it.

●      Include brand narrative in the presentation. Employ storylines, images, and essential messaging that convey the brand's story and elicit strong feelings from the audience. This strategy makes it possible to portray the brand in a subtle yet effective way.

Data Points to Emphasize

Logos of Coca Cola, Heineken, and Heineken Heineken: iconic red Coca Cola logo, green Heineken logo, and double green Heineken Heineken logo.

Research suggests that audience retention drops if a slide is perceived as too promotional.

66% of consumers will abandon a brand if they don’t get a personalized experience. [Twilio] Thus, your logo does not always need to be big but personalized.

 Consumers take about 10 seconds to form a first impression of a brand's logo.

How do leaders perceive branding?

Youri Sawerschel, a leading Brand Strategist and Educator, explores the intriguing connection between perception and value. Through a captivating presentation, he highlights the art and science of branding, showcasing its pivotal role in shaping how we perceive objects. Using a simple pen as an example, Sawerschel demonstrates the profound impact of strategic branding, emphasizing how it can transform the ordinary into something meaningful. As the Founder and CEO of Creative Supply, a prominent branding company in Zurich and Paris, Sawerschel's talk is a compelling showcase of the influential role brands play in shaping our perceptions.

In this brief video, Executive Creative Director Chris Do clarifies the distinction between identity design and branding. He highlights that a brand is not just a logo but the perception others have of a company. Chris emphasizes the importance of strategic thinking before diving into design and recommends seeking designers with a deep understanding of a subject. The video provides concise insights into effective branding strategies.

Case Studies

Case study 1 

INKPPT's transformative approach to Kia's Sonet launch presentation was nothing short of groundbreaking. With meticulous attention to detail, they strategically divided visuals into three keynotes, ensuring optimal screen utilization on a grand scale. Seamless transitions and full-screen visuals created a mesmerizing spectacle, captivating the audience's senses from every angle. Their commitment to elevating the brand's narrative through striking supers and unconventional visuals further solidified Kia's distinct identity, setting a new standard for automotive industry presentations.

Furthermore, INKPPT's dedication to excellence was evident throughout the project's development. Despite facing unexpected challenges, their team demonstrated remarkable adaptability, making adjustments up until the last minute to ensure a flawless execution. By seamlessly integrating B-roll shots to enhance script timing and rhythm, they crafted a dynamic flow that held the audience's attention from start to finish. This unwavering commitment to perfection not only showcased their creative prowess but also contributed significantly to the resounding success of the Sonet launch event.

The resounding success of the Sonet launch stands as a testament to INKPPT's unparalleled creativity, adaptability, and dedication to delivering outstanding visual experiences. By pushing the boundaries of innovation and consistently striving for excellence, they not only elevated Kia's brand identity but also left an indelible mark on the automotive industry as a whole.

Case study 2

Teaming up with an agency, INKPPT embarked on a collaborative journey to revolutionize Deloitte's Middle East conference presentation. Despite tight deadlines, our joint effort resulted in the overhaul of 150 slides for 10 speakers, aiming to immerse the audience in an exceptional experience. Through over 200 hours of creativity, we meticulously crafted 10+ stunning presentations, reflecting our commitment to delivering dynamic and comprehensive visual storytelling.

Throughout this fast-paced project, our team achieved remarkable milestones, generating multiple design options in record time through dynamic brainstorming sessions. This collaborative approach not only highlighted our innovative spirit but also set the stage for a visually dynamic event. Leveraging AI technology, we enhanced the provided assets, elevating the overall presentation to new heights of sophistication and aesthetic appeal.

At the live event, our final designs took center stage, captivating the audience with an engaging visual journey. The careful selection of colors to match Deloitte's personality and event vibe, alongside adherence to brand guidelines, ensured a seamless integration of creativity and professionalism. This immersive experience, characterized by vibrant colors and creative elements, reflected our team's dedication and expertise, leaving a lasting impression that transcended mere aesthetics.

Case study 3 

WorldSkills Asia Abu Dhabi 2023, held in the vibrant city of Abu Dhabi, UAE, aimed to spotlight and celebrate creative talents across various sectors, including technology, design, and automobile. Bringing together participants from diverse countries, the event was marked by passionate competition for prestigious awards and top honors.

One of the primary challenges faced during the event was the unique screen layout, resembling stairs on either side. This layout demanded careful consideration to maintain aesthetic appeal and premium quality. To tackle this challenge, our approach focused on centering the main text and content, creating a dynamic design that conveyed the event's key messaging without overwhelming the audience.

Our strategy involved incorporating a dark color background with dark blue particles as the theme color, bold uppercase text, and integrating Flicker elements animation. This combination aimed to engage the audience's attention, sparking excitement and anticipation. The dynamic design not only preserved the overall aesthetic but also enhanced the user experience by introducing elements of surprise and intrigue.

For the 3D rendered medal animation, we incorporated dazzling light effects and vibrant single-color particles, resulting in a captivating visual experience that elevated the event's aesthetic quality and ensured a memorable viewing experience for the audience. Similarly, for the UAE National Anthem segment, we chose a simple yet dignified approach, using the skyline of the UAE in black and white with added desert dust, symbolizing the desert landscape and the nation's growth.

Incorporating sharp elements in line art and distinct fill colors for citations, we ensured clarity and distinction, particularly for bilingual content. Our meticulous attention to detail and dedication to maintaining visual excellence ensured an engaging and visually appealing presentation that complemented the creative talents showcased at the event. Throughout the process, our team remained committed to upholding every design element, animation, and hygiene aspect, ensuring the event proceeded smoothly without any visual compromises.


Balancing your boss's wish for a big logo with the principles of a good PPT Design Agency doesn't have to be a zero-sum game. It's about finding a middle ground that respects the brand and the audience. When implementing your boss's request for a big logo, it's important to think about several positioning alternatives and the possible drawbacks of overemphasis.

It is possible to achieve a balanced strategy that guarantees brand awareness without sacrificing the impact of your presentations by focusing on the relevancy of material, educating on design principles, and offering visual representations. Remember the quote from Steve Jobs, "It’s not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works." To make your presentation work, let’s infuse smart design with your branding strategy.

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