WorldSkills Asia Abu Dhabi 2023: A Creative Triumph


WorldSkills Asia Abu Dhabi 2023, hosted in the vibrant city of Abu Dhabi, UAE, aimed to showcase and celebrate creative talents spanning various sectors such as technology, design, and automobile. The event brought together participants from different countries, all competing passionately for prestigious awards and top honors.

Creative Challenges

Creative Challenges

The primary challenge encountered during the event was the screen layout. The layout, resembling stairs on either side of the screen, required careful consideration to ensure that the design maintained its aesthetic appeal and premium quality.

Our Approach


To address the screen layout challenge, we decided to center the main text and content. Our approach aimed to create a dynamic design that was not overly heavy and yet conveyed the key messaging of the event.

The Strategy

Dark color


Flicker Elements

Our strategy involved incorporating a dark color background, utilizing dark blue particles as the theme color, employing bold and uppercase text, and integrating Flicker elements animation.

This combination was chosen to engage the audience's attention, refracting the mind and generating excitement for what was to come.

The dynamic design not only preserved the overall aesthetic but also enhanced the user experience by introducing elements of surprise and intrigue.

Reference image
of Medal

3D Rendered Medal

We want the medal animation to be in 3D, incorporating some dazzling light effects and vibrant single-color particles. These elements synergize to produce a dynamic and captivating visual experience. This combination not only elevates the aesthetic quality but also ensures a more immersive and memorable viewing experience for the audience.

Flag Referance

Skyline Referance

UAE National Anthem

It was very challenging for our team as we had to create something that is both simple and decent. We chose to use the skyline of the UAE in black and white, providing equal focus on every building. Additionally, we added wind with desert dust, symbolizing the combination of the desert landscape and the growth of the UAE.

Sharp Elements

Founder & President Citation

We incorporated sharp elements in line art and used fill color for all the citations. We assigned two colors to the text, creating a distinction between the two languages.

ARCH Animation

The ARCH entrance screen is cut in the center, and we have placed all the content on the left, right, and top.

The Outcome

The result was an engaging and visually appealing presentation that complemented the creative talents showcased at the event.

Our Team

Our team dedicated their efforts to the WorldSkills Asia UAE event, ensuring that every design element, animation, and hygiene aspect was maintained, and the event proceeded smoothly without any visual compromises.

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