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Mubadala Employee Forum 2023

Collaborated with Mubadala to deliver customized and effective presentations for their leadership team.
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INK PPT collaborated with Mubadala, a leading global investment company, to deliver a customized presentation for their annual Employee Forum.

The project involved updating and editing multiple presentations, ensuring seamless technical execution, and providing onsite support during the event.


The main challenge was to ensure that the presentations met Mubadala's high standards while adhering to strict technical specifications.

With multiple presentations to manage simultaneously, INK PPT had to ensure that all changes were integrated into the final product seamlessly.

Moreover, coordinating with Mubadala's team to incorporate last-minute changes and edits without compromising on the overall quality was a challenge.

Interesting Story

During the project, the INK PPT team traveled to Abu Dhabi for onsite delivery, which provided a unique opportunity to provide real-time support for the Mubadala team.

Along with providing technical support, the team made the most of their time in Abu Dhabi by exploring the city's cultural and tourist places.


INK PPT provided Mubadala with a dedicated onsite team supported by a backend team in India, ensuring real-time support and seamless execution.

Our team focused on file version control, data management, and creative development, ensuring that the presentations were visually appealing, interactive, and delivered the desired impact.

Additionally, their expertise in codec conversion and technical execution ensured that the presentations were delivered with high quality.


The project had a significant impact on Mubadala's Employee Forum, resulting in the following:

  • The INK PPT team's on-site support allowed for real-time changes, ensuring that the presentations were up-to-date and impactful.
  • The presentations delivered by the Mubadala team were visually appealing, interactive, and delivered the desired impact, supporting their business objectives.
  • Mubadala's leadership team was impressed with the quality of the presentations and the seamless execution, resulting in a successful and productive Employee Forum.

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