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Corporate Profile for Kalpataru

Completely revamped the design and communication of the corporate presentation deck for Kalpataru.
Corporate Profile
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Decoding the Brief

The previous corporate deck had multiple stakeholders working on it, 100s of hands edited the deck without even reflecting the premium positioning of the brand. The deck failed to impress the audience due to a lack of consistency and numerous other reasons.

Every brand has its personality, which makes it stand out and develop the core competencies. We started with the creative research of Kalpataru and brainstormed to come up with a presentation portraying a super premium touch in synchronization with the brand identity.

Brainstorming & Keyword Research

Our consultants, designers and creative directors started with mind mapping and identified keywords to propose a unique and brand-centric touch to the presentation. Elements like colour, typography, iconography, patterns, layouts were finalized and locked during the initial stages while keeping the brand at the heart to smoothen the execution part of the project.

Learning from Competition

We examined global and national premium brands to understand how they try to differ in the market to come up with brand identity development that offers a competitive advantage to Kalpataru through its positioning.

Creative Research

We examined luxury fashion brands, art studios, architectural companies, other global references to create a mood board that captured every little detail about the brand and the industry it operates in.

Developing the Design System

Fonts and style are not just a statement of visual appeal, rather they communicate a lot more than words can do at times. We understood this and used the right mix of typography, modern colour palette and iconographic style to exhibit our creative requirement for a luxury brand to make the document reflect the personality of Kalpataru.

Luxury Redefined

A refreshed Experience - the new presentation was a complete transformation with uniformity, speaking for itself, gelling with the brand itself while leaving a mark and long lasting impressions. It served justice to the brand which tends to project a luxury face in front of the audience.

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