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Hero Istanbul NDC 2022

Crafted an Immersive Experience for Hero Moto Corp Leadership Team at Istanbul.
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INK PPT took on one of their most challenging international projects to date, creating multiple presentations for the Hero Moto Corp leadership team at Istanbul, Turkey.

The project involved crafting over 400 slides for the sales head, marketing head, and chairman over a two-week period. INK PPT's comprehensive approach included audience analysis, simulation, narrative development, design theme, on-site assistance, and asset rental for a seamless execution of the event.


INK PPT's team faced several hurdles during the project, including the extra-large screen size, last-minute pixel sizing changes, transitioning from PowerPoint to Keynote, and thousands of last-minute edits and revisions.

The team also had to make extreme last-minute on-console changes just minutes before the show's start. International location compounded these challenges, leading to miscommunication between the agency, technical vendor, and content team.

Interesting Story

One of the most interesting aspects of the project was the four-time change in screen sizes at the venue.

INK PPT had to contend with a reduction in screen size by 256 pixels, confusion related to extended side panels, a last-minute change in screen size, and a complete transition from PowerPoint to Keynote.

Despite the confusion and miscommunication, INK PPT was able to deliver a presentation that met the narrative requirements of Hero Moto Corp's management.


INK PPT overcame these challenges with a team of four designers who crafted a complete design philosophy and team for the event and presentation.

Despite multiple revisions and changes, the team was able to survive the event and deliver an immersive experience to all the attendees.

INK PPT utilized the N2 and canvas tools to create an immersive and engaging experience for the dealers and partners of Hero Moto Corp.


The presentation was well-received, engaging the dealers and partners and informing them about the group's future plans and growth.

Our use of N2 and canvas tools offered an immersive and splendid view to all the visitors, while the leadership felt more confident in their narrative, supported by equally empowering visual canvas.

The impactful results of the project are highlighted in the following points:

  • Enhanced engagement of dealers and partners
  • Increased confidence of the leadership team
  • Effective messaging metrics
  • Immersive and engaging experience for all attendees

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