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Ventilation Solutions by Panasonic

Redesigned presentation for ventilation solutions offered by Panasonic Australia.
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Panasonic Australia, a global technology giant, has been inventing and innovating solutions to provide state-of-the-art products.

As part of their expansion, they developed ventilation solutions and approached INK PPT, an agency specializing in presentation design, to redesign their existing presentation to aesthetically showcase their innovation and products' true value.


The existing presentation was designed in an outdated manner with limited design and presentation aesthetics, reducing engagement and eye attraction for the audience.

Our challenge was to create a new presentation aligned with the existing brand and product guidelines while introducing a new and innovative design to enhance engagement and viewers' interest.


INK PPT approached the redesign with a user-friendly, positive design, starting with a bright color palette that aligned with existing guidelines.

We created a streamlined concept of information in a storytelling format and introduced a new visual design flow that complemented the overall representation of information.

The presentation included icons and infographics to make it more effective, and the use of imagery and premium animation added a human touch, enhancing product quality representation.


The redesigned presentation received excellent feedback and made a captivating impact on viewers with its immersive design and enhanced storytelling.

Our focus on small details, including iconography, imagery, and color palette, contributed to the presentation's success. The following are the key impacts of the redesign:

  1. Improved Engagement: The new design resulted in higher audience engagement, resulting in more interaction and participation during presentations.
  1. Increased Awareness: The new presentation effectively showcased Panasonic's ventilation solutions and their true value, increasing awareness among the audience.
  1. Enhanced Brand Image: The immersive design and human touch added to the presentation resulted in an enhanced brand image and a more positive perception of the company.
  1. Greater Sales: The revamped presentation led to an increase in sales of Panasonic's ventilation solutions, making it a successful marketing tool.

INK PPT was instrumental in creating the redesigned presentation, enhancing its visual appeal, and making it more impactful. Overall, the redesigned presentation was well received and succeeded in showcasing the innovation and value of Panasonic's ventilation solutions.

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