Ventilation Solutions by Panasonic

Redesigned presentation for ventilation solutions offered by Panasonic Australia.
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Ventilation Solutions by Panasonic

Panasonic is a global technology giant which has been inventing solutions and innovating existing technologies to provide state-of-the-art solutions to people. In recent years, Panasonic Australia has developed Ventilation Solutions and has been expanding its distribution across the countries. The team of Panasonic Australia reached out to us to redesign a presentation for them that aesthetically showcases their innovation and the true value of the solutions they are providing via their ventilation products.

The Existing Design

The existing presentation that needed to be redeveloped was designed in an old-fashioned manner, with very limited use of design and presentation aesthetics. This was reducing the engagement and the eyeball attraction for the presentation, even though it was a primary communication within their organization. In order to work on recreating the entire presentation deck, we went through multiple cycles of research across their area of products and its own world of design that was yet to be explored thoroughly.

An Approach Towards Innovation

We further realigned the approach of the presentation into a user friendly and positive design. First, we changed the color palette towards a brighter theme that was created with the existing brand and product guidelines in mind. We introduced an enhanced and streamlined conceptualization of the information in a format of storytelling. We further gave it a new visual design flow that complemented the overall representation of information. After fixing the narrative and the design perspective, we introduced the usage of icons and infographics to make the presentation more effective. The use of imagery and premium animation added a human touch to the presentation, while enhancing the representation of the quality of their products.

Impact of a Good Design

Redeveloping the presentation was a captivating task for our entire team. Our focus on the small details like iconography, imagery, color palette and more ultimately created an engrossing impact on the viewers. Since the products we were promoting were consumer oriented, a subtle touch of humanity was necessary for it to relate to its viewers. This collaborative product of the creative thoughts and intensive work of our team was well appreciated and liked by all of its audience. Above all, the presentation that was finally created was indeed comforting, just like Panasonic’s Ventilation Solutions!


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