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Newsletters are Still Relevant in 2023 and the Decades to Come: Here's Why

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Aayush Jain
Newsletters are Still Relevant in 2023 and the Decades to Come: Here's Why

It’s been eternities since we are connected to newsletters and magazines in one way or another. When our mornings got greeted by the daily newspapers and a weekly magazine, it reminded us of the numerous happenings over time. It made us stick to the schedule of reading and then going on with our daily tasks.

Though the medium of newsletters has evolved drastically over time, the essence is still intact in numerous indistinguishable forms.

Due to the increasing spam in our mailboxes, we have somehow changed the narrative of looking at a Newsletter. This narrative is still prevalent, but above those negativities, Electronic Newsletters are rising to offer multifold profits, both directly and indirectly to the Marketers.

Let us convince you to renew that Email Subscription as the return on investment will be a fortune.

A Subconscious Brand Attachment

There are sizable chances that people won’t realize the subconscious winding to receive the new dope of information at a particular time of the day or some specific day of the week, devising an opportunity for marketers to stay in the minds of the reader. When the time will come, this reminder will weigh into shifting the decision in your favour (in the case of tough competition). According to Greentech Media, it was found that Newsletter readers spent 80% more time on their site compared to non-readers.

There is a plausibility that this activity won’t drive direct sales or revenue but your creative newsletter design will patently connect a group of audience with the story of yours.

Magnetism Towards the Brand

Brands spend years positioning themselves while spending millions on advertising campaigns but mostly crash at the trickiest task to reach the target audience in the way desired. Though these activities work well in establishing oneself, the amount of spending it requires is humungous. On the distant end, there are newsletters, being so easy to design, efficient in communication, with ease of access, and above all, cost you just an email subscription relatively equivalent to a penny. According to Convenience & Convert, 44% of the subscribers make at least one purchase based on a promotional email they receive and People who make purchases marketed through emails spend 138% more than the others.

If a brand comes out with their A-game in terms of regular and strategized Newsletter communication, the result will astonish you significantly.

Staying Relevant in 2021

With the era of information explosion, staying relevant and novel is more crucial than ever. Competition doesn’t take much time becoming cut-throat and increasing the spending on reach-out programs never solves the problems alone. At this stage, Newsletters come to the rescue and deliver well-crafted information, only to the target audience while reducing the stress on your balance sheet.

There is nothing like one can’t stay relevant with advertisements and other branding techniques, but the chance of getting perceived as something out of your books is notably high. Newsletters reduce that risk significantly because the information is communicated directly to the interested reader.

Ticking Clock of Relevant Information

You may not be consciously aware, but numerous readers are waiting desperately for the newsletter to arrive as per the usual schedule. This reminder of your brand creates an unbreakable brand connection that results in getting more loyal customers. These loyal customers or brand advocates buy more than a product or service, and they are deeply interested in knowing the inside stories of the brand ecosystem. If you, being a marketer, turn a blind eye towards these prospects, then the readers will walk towards your competitor within no time due to their better and targeted communication.

The Ultimate Take

According to Hubspot Newsletter readers, $38 for every $1 spent, that’s the reflection of huge ROI once you regularise your email marketing campaign.

Spending a hefty amount on huge advertisement campaigns seems lucrative as the visibility blasts exponentially within a short span. In the meanwhile, something like Newsletter gets a backseat as the results are not explicitly visible, not directly impacting the revenue(mostly) and also, it’s not a showbiz kind of thing.

If you want to get your own professional newsletter design we are happy to help. We have served several high stake brands with Magazines & Newsletters and the results have been phenomenal.

Newsletters are far away from the crowded billboards and seconds of advertisement air time as readers spend a significant time knowing your brand if the information gets delivered directly into their mailboxes, regularly.

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