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Best Multi Touch Presentation Tools in the Market

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Ankush Dahiya
Best Multi Touch Presentation Tools in the Market

Why presentations? There can be different purposes for creating presentations such as learning, promotion, conferences, or imparting ideas. But with the advent of the internet, interactive content has overpowered traditional presentations. To stand apart, it’s imperative to create content that creates a conversation between you and your audience. Here are the best interactive multi touch presentation tools with which you can create and deliver captivating presentations.

iSpring Suite Max

iSpring Suite Max is a tool designed for fast course authoring and collaborative e-projects. With this tool, you can create e-courses, assessments, dialogue, screencasts, video lectures, and simulations. You can create a presentation from scratch or even use an existing one. For making it visually engaging, you can create an interactive multi touch presentation. Creating interactive courses on iSpring Suite Max in less time is much easier with the content library. This library contains over 68,000 eLearning assets that include ready-made templates, background, icons, and characters.
To use iSpring Suite, you don’t need to be tech-savvy. Once the program is installed in your system, you will see the iSpring Suite tab on the PowerPoint ribbon. This will provide quick access to all the features.
The tool is suitable for small and medium businesses and companies dealing with employees, partners, and customer training.


The information we present has changed over the years. A simple PowerPoint presentation is not sufficient as we require to share dashboards, data, documents, web content, and a myriad of different file formats. So, if you are wasting your time switching between media, trying to share content, connecting and sharing with remote employees, arranging information, and more; Vizetto is the solution. This tool helps to save time and results in direct efficiency for the team.
The simple presentation lacks visual dynamics and engagement hence making it hard for the audience to focus. Also, with linear presentation slides, it gets difficult to switch between types of content. With Vizetto’s Reactiv SUITE you can control your presence and make an impression. It is a digital workspace where multimedia content can be displayed, organized, compared, and annotated. With this, break out of o=your linear slide and present information in an engaging manner.


TotApp is used for creating multi touch presentations. With the robust process, the tool quickly turns plain content into interactive content. The multi touch content includes multimedia content (images, videos, PDF files, web content, maps, social networks, and more), sliding, pinching.
With no programming skills required, you can simply upload and get the output. TotApp works without any internet connection. This is because each device has its content installed with which the changes can be done remotely.
With TotApp you can create high impact multi touch presentations in an easy and fast way without knowing any programming languages.

Tango Elite

Tango Elite is a dynamic tool designed to revolutionize the way touch screens are used in presentations. It transforms multi-touch table into a powerful presentation tool. It supports several types of media including pictures, videos, movies, animation, PDF files, Word documents, PowerPoint presentation and more which can be imported in a matter of seconds.
All you need to do with seamless and responsive navigation, is ‘drag and drop’ content from the web. Your resources will then present a visually stimulating presentation. Tango Elite tool was designed for use with large format LED touchscreens. With this, there are no fiddly buttons, toolbars, and pop menus that normally require a stylus or pen. Simply use the screen on a tablet, smartphone, or any other multi-touch device to ‘drag and drop’, ‘resize’, ‘rotate and annotate’, ‘pinch and grab’.


spinTouch helps brands communicate through immersive storytelling. With interactive application development and hardware integration, it offers a comprehensive solution for interactive marketing. With spinTouch’s myShowcase touch presentation software, it provides a hands-on interactive experience with content and message.
The audience enjoys discovering messages in a large touch screen experience rather than a standard touch monitor. With this software tool, turn your old content, brochures, websites, and infographics into interactive presentations. The intuitive screen allows the audience to interact and engage with your presentation.
With myShowcase create multi-touch presentation in minutes. It has an advanced UI/UX custom look and feel and here you can upload 100’s of HD pictures, videos, and text. You can create a fully interactive project without having to deal with coding and complex software. The presentations are ideal for large format displays, interactive kiosks, touch tables, and tablets.

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