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How to create a pitch deck presentation?

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How to create a pitch deck presentation?

To make your startup stand out pitch decks are absolutely essential. The slides to include in your investor pitch presentation are explained below.

Company Vision Along with Overall Value Proposition

A one-sentence explanation about your business and the kind of value you want to provide is enough in this. Ensure your content is around 150 characters or less in your sponsorship deck template.

The Problem To Solve

Your business must be actively looking to solve a problem. Mention the customer-facing problem and how your product or service can solve that problem in this slide even if you are using a sponsorship deck template to make this presentation. You can tell a relatable and engaging story in this slide.

Primary Target Market

In this slide of your investor pitch presentation explain in detail your primary customer and the size of your potential market. Place quantifiable data to support the information you provide.

The Answer

Use this slide to go into greater detail about your service or product and how it is the solution. Discuss the way your product or service solves the customer’s problem and the way you offer a better solution in this slide of your investor pitch presentation.

The Business Model

Explain here the way your product is going to generate revenue for the business. You should go into detail about why these advertisers will want to partner with you if you’re creating a content site and also the way you will acquire these relationships etc.

Basic Milestones

In this investor pitch presentation slide tell me about what you have already achieved and where are you intending to go. Include that information in case you released your product to early adopters. You could also mention some milestones that you have reached and the ones you expect to reach.

Market Plan

Talk about the way you will reach the target audience and gain traction here. Include the information if you are working on a marketing plan and sales strategy, and detail out any specifics about your plan of action in this investor pitch presentation slide.

Management Team

Discuss here the way you and your management team are going to grow your company. Explain the way the members of your team bring unique skills to your startup and why they are so great. You can also mention any major board of directors, investors, and board of advisors that are involved with you.

Financial Projections

Solely highlight your financials, including your sales forecast, profit and loss statement and cash flow forecast here. Explain all this in easy-to-read charts that make the data easier to digest.

Competitive Analysis

Show the way your idea or product is better than the competition and why customers should go with your product. Explain the place your brand positions your product or service and what differentiates you from others.

Funds Usage

In this final slide explain the amount of money you require and what it will help you achieve. Investors want to know what, and how their funding will do for your business.
A sponsorship deck template can also be used to make your work simple and professional at the same time.


Ensure to do your research properly as your pitch deck is an invaluable tool for your business and will decide the success of your business. You can also use a sponsorship deck template for your pitch deck presentation to make your designing work easy.

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