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PowerPoint Templates: When To Use Them & When Not To

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Puneet Chauhan
PowerPoint Templates: When To Use Them & When Not To

A highly converting PowerPoint slide deck can greatly help your business if it is done right.

PowerPoint slides are usually filled with brief information about a particular topic. They are filled with images, graphics, and text to create a compelling picture.

Ideally, you use PowerPoint presentations to ensure that the right information reaches the right people. The presenter makes use of PowerPoint slides to deliver an amazing and converting pitch to his audience.

As a business, you also need to ensure that you maintain consistency in any content that you create. Presentation templates are a lifesaver in ensuring brand uniformity.

In simple terms, a presentation template is a preset document filled with images and text that can be edited easily. Depending on the message you want to convey, all you need to do is change the text or images to match the message. You can have as many presentation templates as you want and even tailor them to each department for ease of content creation.

Microsoft PowerPoint has many templates and themes you can use to get a head start in creating your templates.

It may not be possible for you to engage the services of presentation design agencies every time you need a presentation made. In a business every day someone might be creating a presentation and presentation templates can make this work seem effortless.

The amazing thing is that you do not need a degree in design to create PowerPoint templates for your company’s presentations. With the pick-and-drop options available, templates can make creating PowerPoint presentations a quick task and not a laborious one.

You need to set up your templates in such a way that not only does it align with the branding of the company, but also is easy to edit and publish whenever required.

What Is The Need For PowerPoint Templates?

Multiple teams across an organisation need to create presentations to different stakeholders. A common PowerPoint template can be used by anyone in the organisation to create simple presentations. Common elements can be pre-filled for maximum ease in creating presentations.

For example, basic information in a company profile presentation like the mission, vision, company address, and others are common throughout the organisation. While these slides can remain static, others can have dynamic images and text boxes that can be changed to fit the context.

When To Use PowerPoint Templates

While PowerPoint Templates are extremely easy to use, they should be used only in particular situations.

For Adhering to Brand Identity

As a business, you have curated a brand identity for yourself. The brand identity immediately makes you recognisable to your audience based on the logo, tagline, font size and font colours. While presenting to an audience you need to ensure that your presentation reflects your brand identity and contains the brand voice. The colours and overall look of each presentation need to be used as per the branding strategy you have created.

For creating a Series of Quick Slides

At times, you may need to prepare multiple versions of the same slide. It will not be feasible to go to presentation design agencies for every graphic need.

For example, you may need graduation certificates, congratulatory messages for various teams, monthly or yearly budgets, daily to-do lists, meeting agendas, and invoices. In such cases, a PowerPoint template can help you as it can be prefilled with the correct data. All you would need to do is change the names, designations, year and other miscellaneous sections. If you use brand colours and fonts to create the templates, you can ensure that the company voice comes through in each slide.

When Not To Use PowerPoint Templates

PowerPoint Templates make creating presentations easy and make the entire creation journey faster. Since most of the slides can be filled with company profile presentation information. The other slides are easy to change by simply inserting the necessary image and text.

However, there may be times when PowerPoint templates would not work well and should be avoided.

Do Not Use PowerPoint Templates While Building A Relationship

PowerPoint templates generally look the same. Although they have the brand uniformity to look fun and exciting, they are created to make creating presentations easy and quick.

Any employee can take a template and make the changes to fit his presentation. PowerPoint templates are an excellent choice when you are presenting to an in-house audience of employees and existing stakeholders.

However, when you are trying to bring in new investors or new stakeholders, you need to ensure that the presenter is the focus of the presentation.

You can provide a short profile presentation to give your audience the needed information about your organisation. However, everything else needs to come from the heart. If you keep a highly distracting slide deck behind you and try to give a presentation, the audience’s attention is split and you have lost the chance to have an impact.

Every company has a story, and the best way to engage your audience is by making sure your audience understands it well. While telling stories through texts would work with books, in a complex situation whenever you are trying to entice new investors, an emphatic presenter would be better.


PowerPoint templates can make an otherwise boring presentation fun and engaging. These templates are great for giving an audience brief and important information about your company.

However, more interesting facts and information need to be done face-to-face similar to a conversation. If you feel that presenting to a larger audience and relationship building is not your strong suit, you need not worry. You can partner with presentation design agencies to do the work for you.

At INKPPT, our presentation design experts can help you create stunning visuals to give voice to your thoughts. One of the key services that we have turned into our USP is the onsite availability of presentation services. Whether you desire for your presentation to be more business-like and proper or want to add some colour and pop to your presentations, we have you covered.

Write to us and let us help you plan the best presentations to knock the socks off your audience. We can help you create PowerPoint templates that can be used in any situation in a pinch and also help you plan more a elaborate slide deck to impress a larger audience.

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