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Crack the deals on your terms with Pitch Deck Presentation

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Crack the deals on your terms with Pitch Deck Presentation

A pitch deck presentation helps provide a well-detailed but straightforward snapshot of a company to attract intending investors. Understanding the importance and elements needed in a Pitch Deck brings you closer to getting the right investors to invest in your company.

In this article, we'll talk about what is a pitch deck presentation and the essential elements that teach you how to create a pitch deck presentation. Ready to dive in? Let's begin!

What Is A Pitch Deck Presentation?

Businesses or entrepreneurs use a pitch deck presentation to provide a simple but informative overview of their startup or companies to intending investors such as angel investors or venture capitalists.

A Pitch Deck comprises a 10-20 slides presentation deck that briefly explains your company, business plan, and vision. A pitch deck presentation is a slide deck or startup pitch deck.

A pitch deck presentation is a visual document providing the investors with essential information about your business services or product, plan, needed funds, and essential metrics such as target market, financial goals, and valuation. A pitch deck also serves several purposes, from meeting a new investor to presenting on a stage; each should follow a particular structure.

The best pitch deck presentations are concise but informative and are made of simple slides that are visually appealing, usually created with a software program. A pitch deck should be able to be seen easily from afar. A pitch deck should also be self-explanatory if you plan on emailing it to your investor.

So, here's your answer to what is a pitch deck presentation.

Why Is A Pitch Deck PPT Substantial?

A pitch deck is essential if you're willing to make your ideas a reality.

With the proper pitch deck presentation, you get to present your ideas with the confidence of storytelling and flawless designs. Your pitch deck presentation says a lot about the specifications of your business services or products and the prospect's behavior.

A pitch deck presentation helps in impressing your potential investor. It helps educate potential stakeholders and investors on how important your business and brand are and motivates them to invest and remain connected to you and your business/brand.

Essential Elements Of A Pitch Deck ppt?

Though each pitch deck ppt has a different outline, here are some essential elements of a pitch deck PPT. These elements will teach you how to create a pitch deck presentation.

1. Introduction or Overview

The first slide on your pitch deck should introduce the pitch deck and explain the business or brand in clear, simple terms. Some businesses often include a unique Value proposition in their first slide, which compares their intended services and products to an established company, business, or brand.

2. Your Problem Statement

The pitch deck has to explain the problem faced by the business or brand's targeted market and audience. This part of your pitch deck demonstrates how necessary your products and services will be in the market.

3. The Target Market

A target market is people sharing a common trait or characteristic. Every product or service is always aimed at a specific group, and your target market should be included in the pitch deck. Pieces of information on the competitive landscape in which your brand and business exist should be included alongside the market opportunities for success in that landscape.

4. Unique Solution

This pitch slide should explain ways your business or brand would proffer solutions to the problem your target market is encountering. The best way to pass this information to your intending investors is through narration- providing testimonies of how customers have used your products and how they have improved their state of life. These statements should be supported with visuals and descriptions such as screenshots, photographs, and, if possible, a video.

5. Traction so far, as social proof

This slide in your pitch deck confirms your company's business model by showing the month-over-month growth through support and early sales. These slides aim to reduce the fear of risk in your intending investors. This slide might include a brief list of your milestones, including the number of products and services users, profit margins, and annual revenue return rate.

6. Marketing Strategy

It is essential to explain how you intend to advertise and sell your products or services in the market. Intending investors would use the information to determine how well your company understands the target market size and how the marketing strategy differs from its competitors.

7. Competition in the market

This slide aims to show the qualities you possess that set your services or products apart from other alternatives or entities in the market. You can quickly get this information by analyzing your competitors.

8. Team strengths

This slide on your pitch deck would draw attention to the capabilities and expertise of your management team to advertise and sell the services or products. You can list out the key members of the team (and co-founder, if there is one) and how their experience and expertise would help establish a competitive advantage over competitors.

9. Financial details

Intending investors will be willing to see a company's financial health for at least three or five years, including projected growth and income statements. They'll also be interested in information on the business model. Infographics such as bar graphs or pie charts will be more effective while presenting the information than just listing numbers.

10. Funding ask

Sometimes, entrepreneurs and companies might present a pitch deck without including a critical piece of information; the funding the project requires. It is essential to include the amount of money the project will need and state how the funds will be disbursed to achieve the set goals. This will help increase your investors' trust in you.

How we can help

Presenting your ideas without your audience getting bored of the numbers and ideas is an everyday challenge for entrepreneurs. Impressing your investors with your pitch deck presentation helps make the way more accessible. However, not being able to document your ideas correctly might be a turn-off for your investors.

We at INK PPT help you convey your message just the way you desire by giving you the best pitch deck presentation. There are a variety of pitch deck samples that can help to shape the choice you make. With creative skills and a project management mindset, we'll deliver the perfect pitch deck presentation you'll appreciate.

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