Onsite Availability for Presentation Services - What are the Challenges?

Onsite availability for presentation service is rare but many of our clients are now demanding it. It makes last minute edits, content testing and quality checks in real time possible for both clients and us.

However, it also brings its fair share of challenges. It takes a lot of strategic planning for the perfect execution of the onsite presentation and optimisation of whatever resources are available there. There are challenges related to the availability of high-speed and uninterrupted internet connection, mechanism to deal with system downtime or crashes, communication gap between onsite and backend teams, team members falling sick and onsite rejections by the client and pressure to resolve them in real-time.

Moreover, we have to deal with the unknown in the new city. Be it choosing the mode of travel, getting familiar with the new city, finding a venue of team allocation and arranging for local commute or food for overnight shifts, there are also several logistical elements to take care of.

However, we believe in spotting opportunities in adverse situations and that’s what did. We transformed these challenges into our USP!

To start with, we make sure that all our travel logistics are planned meticulously so that we reach the client’s site on time without any delay or hiccups. We also scout for the venue and its amenities beforehand so that there are no unpleasant surprises on that front. We also arrange for high-speed internet.

Once we reach the site, we set up ‘Presentation War Room’ at the venue. This war room is equipped with everything we need to create the presentation. We allocate our team which has on-ground execution expertise and is also ready for night outs here. When the presentation is ready, we do trial runs to ensure there are no glitches. Then we invite the client to evaluate the presentation. When the client gives feedback, our team gets active and implements the required changes quickly in real time.

Moreover, our onsite delivery team can offload gig tasks to our virtual backend teams. This way, we are also able to operate efficiently in a hybrid delivery model.

Irrespective of the urgency or circumstances of the onsite delivery, we always take into account the time to carry out our 8-level quality control process. There is no room for compromise on this particular step of our services.

INK PPT has executed several such projects successfully so far. Today, onsite availability of presentation services is one of our key offerings.

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