Usability has been the prime determinant to make the creatives dynamic and user friendly so that they are utilized in cross-platform environments.

Presentation Periodic Table
Presentation is a huge subject We have bifurcated it in the fun form of periodic table to.....
Working For A Start-Up Guide
Working for a startup could be a fun ride Let us make you equipped for working with a.....
12 Archetypes Of Storytelling
This will let you determine your style of
Unforgettable Impression of your company portfolio presentation
This guide will let you make the best company portfolio
Watch Out For Corona Scams
The exploitation due to unawareness has increased, let us bust these
10 Things Brand Should Focus During Lock Down
COVID has made us realize that we must be prepared to change, this guide will help you.....
Mistakes to avoid as keynote speaker
Every day is not the day of keynote presentations, those times are special and require.....
Town Hall Secrets Of Energy And Engagement
We are going to share some secrets, which can help you make an
Cyber Security vs IT Security
Securing your data transmitted over the internet is paramount Wanna know how much impact.....
Leadership and their style – what sets a leader apart
What are the practices which make a leader stand out in the crowd Let us
What not to miss in your product pitch
Including everything in the pitch is not smart but you have to keep important things in.....
Elements of popular keynote speaker presentation
Keynote Presentations are the grounds to explore oneself and portray the same in front of.....
What can a Designer do for you?
Humans tend to remember visuals more than anything
10 Ideas to make your client slide awesome
Seize the whole portfolio of your client and display the same
40 Ideas of Designing Management Bios
The Management bio slide could be made interesting, and that too with
40 Ideas of Colour Swatches for Technology Presentation
Colour combination is paramount, let us make the decision making easier for
100 Ideas of Cool Presentation Openers
Learn to make an impression during the introduction using this


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