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When you are able to speak out smartly and swiftly, the world gives attention. Growing ahead of the competition requires being alert for a revolution which is mostly technological innovation.

Vertical Presentation is gaining popularity as an android PowerPoint or mobile presentation is efficient enough to let people present with ease.

Many business leaders just turn on the ppt in phone and start the process of engagement with numerous stakeholders.

With the whole new canvas of devices into action, limiting or planning your communication from the aspect of laptops only is not a novel thinking and needs a more adaptive approach for newer devices and experiences.

Our planning complements the best in class technology and innovation.

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We design communication solutions keeping in mind how it will be consumed by your right audience and hence we develop presentations for different resolutions and sizes which your audience finds natural & much more engaging to consume.

Our expertise in the development of mobile presentation has opened many doors for the brands who are looking for presentation for mobile as android powerpoint is more user friendly and quick.

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There has been a constant evolution in new-age devices and every day millions of users are relying on them for accessing the information.

To cater to these users, websites have gone responsive, mobile apps have replaced web applications but nothing major has been done for mobile presentation.

Our solutions are specially designed for presentation for mobile including every leading operating system like android powerpoint. The solutions are completely customized and will let you operate ppt in phone in the Vertical Presentation format too.

If you are looking for a presentation to be designed for a specific screen size or a device, we are here to help you

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In this digital era, our adaptive presentations make your ideas accessible for millions on all kinds of screens.

Aayush Jain
Founder, INK PPT
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