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Branding & Marketing Redesign For Goodera

Intricately designed and redeveloped the entire brand identity, communication, and collaterals giving a new persona to Goodera.
Brand Identity, Brand Campaign, Web & Mobile UI/UX, Sales & Marketing Presentations
Social & Non-Profit
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Powering the World of Good

Goodera is the world's leading technology platform for CSR, Volunteering, & Sustainability. Goodera's products simplify and enhance your employee engagement programs, track global social impact, and improve your ESG performance.

Sustainable Branding & Design

Goodera came as an opportunity to stretch the horizons and extend them a complete strategic solution comprising result-oriented branding, efficient communication and a consistent design language as a whole package.

Multi-Country Website

Every country has a different demographic and hence the target audience, due to the same reason, the positioning also gets modified, but the core component of the branding objective remains the same throughout. We developed a multi-nation content strategy while keeping the design consistent but adjusting it thoughtfully, looking at the audience. We achieved consistent customization after extensive research related to ethnicity and also the competitors of numerous nations. The entire website was developed on WordPress and had 50+ pages with engaging feature modules while having responsive behaviour for 3 device screen sizes.

Decks for Marketing & Sales

It becomes crucial to align the sales & marketing team with the decisions and strategy of the top brass of the company. We simplified the representation of their entire business while defining a verbal narrative to minimize the communication complexity with simple and overarching representation.

We developed decks for the team, keeping the objectives intact and also delivered the essence of the company along with the material information for the clients.

Social Impact Stories

Clients and the services provided work as the trophies for a services company like Goodera. When they trusted us with communication strategy, we were spot on to convey their best work to build more trust and establish their position ahead of their competitors. These studies captured the overall benefits and the solutions Goodera deployed over a while.

Again, our design strategy spoke articulately about the values of the company and made the case studies narrate on their own.

Employee Engagement

Mapping an entire journey of the employee life cycle becomes crucial. We started with tapping on the emotional moments of the employee and captured those with a digital solution to keep the employees connected with the brand Goodera.

We came up with a vibrant and dynamic design strategy to create employee engagement collaterals being cherishing and shedding a positive vibe. These designs were developed for numerous distinct occasions while throwing more colours in for creating a festive impression.

Spreading the Goodness

A complete office branding solution got delivered within a limited time. There was a confident marketing team as numerous brand touchpoints got identified, activated and improvised during the journey. This helped in creating a deeper brand experience for multiple stakeholders while creating a positive connection with society.

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