Created a narrative based presentation with a 3 dimensional visiualisation for the launch of MG Hector.
Presentation Design

It's a Human Thing

It’s amusing to look at three connected screens in perfect sync with each other, narrating a story of the brand, “MG Hector”. MG’s first Internet car got launched, and we took the responsibility to make it a grand entry into the Indian market.
We commenced with adopting the design philosophy of MG that came in after extensive research and mapping of products with their positioning. That effort resulted in a flawless show, with the powerful experience of 30 minutes, assisted with more than 50 slides, speaking the language of MG’s exceptional journey.

We made their technology stand out with our representation and exhibition of every aspect like a 360-degree camera, front parking sensors, Internet, AI-based online navigation and voice recognition, TPMS and more with our design and creative comprehensions, being aligned with the brand.

Every little feature was presented, keeping every miniature detail intact. MG has the human touch, and we communicated in every aspect that “It’s a Human Thing”.

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