Unveiling Opulence

In a remarkable collaboration, the INK PPT team played a pivotal role in designing and delivering creatives for TARC's inaugural real estate launch event. The spotlight was on Kailasa, a luxurious residential property set to grace the heart of Delhi on Patel Road. Facing a unique challenge due to the screen layout, the team worked tirelessly to create seamless visuals that showcased the essence of TARC's Kailasa.Unveiling Opulence

The Challenge:
Screen Layout Dynamics

The canvas for creativity was vast, with a size of 7224x1176 pixels. However, the central screen, a mere 4200x1176 pixels, posed a challenge as it shared space with 9 pillars of 168x1176 pixels on each side. The task was to ensure that the content remained seamless while effectively highlighting the main aspects within the limited central screen space.The Challenge:Screen Layout Dynamics


In the research phase, INK PPT engaged in meticulous stock selection and incorporated static renders of Kailasa shared by the client to enhance "The Kailasa Experience" deck. A moodboard was thoughtfully designed, featuring line patterns, various design elements derived from the brand identity, along with the stock assets.

The assets, carefully chosen to align with TARC's brand guidelines, were curated to enhance the overall aesthetic. The selection included stock aerial footage of forests, mesmerizing sunrise and sunset clips, string pattern background footage, static images featuring iconic landmarks of Delhi, vibrant flowers, and even imagery of football stadiums.

Each asset was strategically picked to highlight and showcase the core aspects outlined in "The Kailasa Experience" deck, ensuring a seamless integration with TARC's visual identity and enriching the overall presentation. These elements were seamlessly integrated into slide backgrounds and home looks, providing a cohesive visual theme.

Patterns References

Flower References

Background Wave Animation

The Deliverables

INK PPT delivered captivating home looks, logo animations, and two concise presentations to convey TARC's vision.

Home Looks

INK PPT curated engaging home looks for the event, including logo animations for TARC and TARC Kailasa, along with thematic designs for TARC TITANS, TARC Kailasa Handcrafted Living, and a cultural sitar performance integrated with the TARC logo.


1. The Kailasa Experience

A concise presentation highlighting Kailasa's strategic location, sunlight integration, seasonal landscaping, scenic balconies with iconic views, and a massive 1,70,000 square feet clubhouse.

2. Product Presentation of Kailasa

An insightful presentation delving into the technical aspects of Kailasa, covering amenities, diverse residence types, construction details, and consumer benefits.

Creative Highlights

INK PPT brought Kailasa's key highlights to life, strategically emphasizing prime location, sunlight integration, landscaping, and breathtaking views. The 1,70,000 sq. ft. clubhouse was magnificently presented through renders and stock imagery.

A Winning team that won Against Time

In the whirlwind of TARC's Kailasa launch, INK PPT triumphed against time. In just 2 days, we navigated the screen layout challenge, seamlessly translating TARC's vision into a stunning reality.

The Experience

The culmination of INK PPT's efforts resulted in an experience that impeccably complemented the overall atmosphere of the event. The creatives, carefully designed and delivered, played a crucial role in translating TARC's vision into a captivating reality, enriching the overall experience for attendees.

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