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COGU: Indian Coast Guard's Mascot

Designed the mascot for Indian Coast Guard and created an animated where the mascot was shown carrying out ICG's vital duties.
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In early January 2023, the Indian Coast Guard (ICG) approached INK PPT with an exciting challenge. They needed to launch their mascot, a dolphin named "COGU," during their Annual Coast Guard night event. This launch required the creation of a mascot design and a fully animated video that would showcase the duties and responsibilities of the Coast Guard. The catch? The deadline was just 12 days away.


The INK PPT team eagerly accepted the challenge and immediately began working round the clock to gather the necessary information and develop a compelling storyline for the video. However, the true challenge presented itself during the process of animating COGU. The ICG officials had specific requirements, focusing on even the smallest details such as the salute, badges, and music. During a feedback session, we received a flurry of suggestions that emphasized the importance of precision and accuracy. Taking these suggestions in stride, the team worked tirelessly to incorporate the feedback and ensure the video's timely completion.

Interesting Story

As the deadline approached, the team found themselves in a room with five ICG officers who were reviewing the initial video. The tension in the room was palpable as the officers scrutinized every detail, from the precision of the salutes to the accuracy of the badges. It was clear that the team needed to deliver nothing but perfection. The feedback from the officers was critical, but the INK PPT team took it positively and promised to deliver a video that would exceed their expectations. With their creative minds at work and their eyes on the prize, the team worked tirelessly day and night to create a storyline and animate the video frame by frame.


Despite the tight deadline and the technical challenges that emerged, our team successfully delivered a visually stunning 2-minute video that captivated the spirit of the Indian Coast Guard. The video not only showcased the dedication and commitment of the Coast Guard but also served as an inspiration for young individuals to consider a career in the defense sector. The higher officials of the ICG were highly appreciative of the video's quality and impact. COGU, the mascot, became an instant sensation, prompting the ICG to plan the launch of merchandise such as soft toys, key chains, and diaries featuring COGU. Here's the process followed by our team:

1. Research and Analysis

The journey began with thorough research and study of dolphin anatomy by the INK PPT designers. We focused on key aspects such as alert and expressive eyes, the echolocation system, a smiling mouth, pectoral fins, a dorsal fin, and a sleek body shape.

2. Setting the Mood

The next step involved creating a mood board that aligned with the Coast Guard's mission, values, and color schemes. Nautical elements like ropes, anchors, walkie talkies, life tubes, scuba suits, binoculars, and other relevant equipment were carefully incorporated. Extensive research was conducted on the Coast Guard emblem, badges, uniform, and equipment to ensure authenticity and attention to detail.

3. Letting Creativity Flow

Following the mood boarding and research phase, the INK PPT team began brainstorming potential mascot designs. Each concept was sketched out, refined, and presented for approval. Once the final mascot design was approved, further refinements were made to incorporate elements from the Coast Guard's uniform. These included the official cap with the emblem, badges, belt, and equipment like walkie talkies, binoculars, life tubes, scuba suits, and even an assault rifle, symbolizing the diverse responsibilities of the Coast Guard.

4. The Culmination of Creativity and Artistry

With all the approved designs in hand, we collaborated on showcasing Coast Guard's key operational responsibilities being carried out by COGU through the animated video. These responsibilities included:

  • Safety of life and property at sea: COGU rescuing a burning cargo ship using a fire hose.
  • Preservation and protection of the marine environment: COGU wearing scuba equipment and saving a turtle stuck in a wire/net.
  • Protection of fishermen and assistance in distress: COGU rescuing a drowning fisherman with the help of a life tube.
  • Prevention and control of marine pollution: COGU using a walkie talkie to call for air assistance to clean up pollution caused by an oil tanker in the ocean.
  • Enforcement of maritime laws: COGU apprehending sea pirates by issuing warnings via a megaphone, calling for air backup using a walkie talkie, and ultimately taking control of the situation with the assistance of an assault rifle.

Finally, COGU was depicted saluting while wearing the Coast Guard cap and belt, adorned with the official emblem and badge, and holding symbolic elements like the assault rifle, binoculars, and life tube.

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