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Indian Oil Integrated Report 2020

Created Integrated report for Indian Oil exceptonally designed for all ranges of stakeholders,
Integrated & Sustainability Report
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A Result of Great Team Work

A comprehensive, 450-page document was made within 30 days with 9 team members including Designer, Copywriter, Visualizer, Project Manager, Chartered Accountant, Translator & DTP Operator. With several sleepless nights, this has been a great achievement on its own. Due to the unforeseen circumstances created due to COVId-19, the entire report was developed with seamless coordination & meticulous planning virtually.

Excellence comes with a Challenge

IOCL being a diverse brand has a diverse set of stakeholders ranging from a billionaire to a small farmer, the challenge was to design the report in a way that it addresses all of these stakeholders and make their reading experience simple and smooth.

With our creativity and exceptional understanding of the documentation reporting, we conceptualized a design pattern that spoke about the personalities of every lifestyle while keeping their presence intact in our communication approach.

Dealing with the COVID Complexity

When the country was at a halt while lockdown was imposed across the country, the COVID warriors ensured that every household had a regular gas supply without interruption. Our cover photo design speaks the same language and captures the essence of this year’s circumstances depicting the commitment of the brand.

Skyline view of a mammoth system

IOCL has vast operations diversified into several business domains, and every part of its business had to be cover in a single representation. The same got reflected through our value creation model. The above model captured the whole business process across verticals from input to the output, from the ocean to the kitchen, from the rigs to the roads, from the deserts to the urban landscapes. We were able to encapsulate the same in the single infographic with precision. The skyline view of IOCL is just a minimalistic infographic, which also mapped the SDG goals of the United Nations.

Making the finest financial report

We started with finalizing the complete design system, which involved correct color pallets, typography, font style, page layouts, navigation sidebar, iconography, illustrative graphics and much more complementing the brand identity of IOCL while keeping the consistency of color and design intact.

Before even starting to work on the project, we were certain about every design element and its efficient usage to blend with the brand language.

Exemplary creativity and hard work

We encapsulated the brand’s DNA while creating an optimal mix of design, technology, simplicity, consistency in a manner that the brand’s personality came out shining. There are Millions of stakeholders spread across the length and breadth of the country speaking more than six thousand languages, so we translated the whole report into Hindi to derive maximum value from the report and make the content more relevant.

During the project, we were able to devise a distinct concept and implement it in page snippets, which were visually simplified for easy comprehension. The business charts allowed the reader to grasp the information after a single glance making the creative annual report interesting and more reader-friendly.

Efforts like these bring joy to us and our precious clients.

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