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Our Windows of


Our Windows of


Presenting Hero FinCorp's New Brand Identity

INK PPT played a pivotal role in presenting Hero FinCorp's new brand identity through a meticulously crafted deck. Collaborating closely with Hero FinCorp, the team designed over 30 slides, blending designs reflecting Hero FinCorp's journey with elements from the new identity post-announcement.

Addressing Design Challenges

Despite remote collaboration, INK PPT revamped slides received from the client overnight. The unique screen layout, comprising a wide main screen and 24 pillars of varying heights, posed a challenge. Slides were tailored to this configuration, enhancing the immersive experience.

Typography & Colour Pallete

Filson Pro


Presentation Deck

Reflecting Brand Essence

The new Hero FinCorp logo, symbolizing opportunities, served as the focal point. Each slide seamlessly integrated the brand's identity, resonating with the audience and conveying Hero FinCorp's vision.

Creating an Engaging Experience

Leveraging the screen layout, the presentation captivated the audience. Elements in the pillars complemented the main screen content, enhancing visual appeal and leaving a lasting impression.

Demonstrating Success and Impact

The presentation was met with acclaim, showcasing thesuccessful collaboration between INK PPT and Hero FinCorp.It effectively communicated the brand's evolution, settingthe stage for Hero FinCorp's continued success.

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