HeroWorld 2024: Elevating the Launch Experience

The INK PPT team was tasked with designing and delivering 7presentations for Hero World 2024, an event heralding the launch of HeroMotoCorp's latest offerings, Xtreme 125R and Mavrick 440. The presentationscomprised 3 decks for Mavrick 440 (Product, Marketing, and Positioning), 2decks for Xtreme 125R (Product and Marketing), and 2 decks for Hero MotoCorp'sChairman and CEO.

Screen Layout Challenge

The event's screen layout presented a unique challenge with a central screen and 9 pillars on each side. To optimize visual impact, INK PPT developed4 distinct themes for the presentations, ensuring coherence across the central screen and side pillars. Designs were tailored for daytime aesthetics.

Design Elements

Incorporating sleek lines, dynamic shapes, and bold imagery, the presentations reflected Hero MotoCorp's innovative ethos and the event's theme of progress.

Colour Palette

Utilizing Hero MotoCorp's signature colors - vibrant reds, metallic grays, and bold blacks - the presentations exuded dynamism and sophistication. Subtle gradients added depth and visual interest.


Employing Hero MotoCorp's approved font styles, clear sans-serif fonts for headlines and serif fonts for body text ensured readability and a polished look.

Responding to Real-Time Challenges

On-site, INK PPT addressed last-minute changes and technical issues promptly, ensuring presentations remained on track and engaging.

Maximizing Impact

Collaborating with Hero MotoCorp's CIT team, seamless integration of presentations with venue technology enhanced attendee experience.

Success and Impact

The culmination of INK PPT's efforts resulted in a successful event that showcased Hero MotoCorp's latest offerings with flair and finesse. The presentations received praise for their visual appeal, clarity of messaging, and seamless integration with the event's screen layout. Hero World 2024 stands as a testament to INK PPT's commitment to excellence and creativity in delivering impactful presentations that resonate with audiences.

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