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We are the best-in-class PowerPoint presentation design agency in the UK, driving conversations through understanding the industry dynamics, and empowering organizations with the right communication tools and experience.

What do presentation design services include? We work across the value chain by helping teams achieve success in their endeavors towards a common vision. Having successfully delivered projects ranging from Corporate Profile Presentations, Investor Pitch Presentations, Presentation Kits and much more, our seasoned presentation designers help in the timely and right execution of your marketing & communication projects for stronger brand building and stakeholder engagement.

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Transforming Relationships

We believe every business meeting is an interaction, and interactions could be fruitful with the efficient representation of concepts and ideas. We at INK PPT have helped numerous brands transform their relationships and achieve their corporate goals using a fine design language. Our Presentation design services are capable of bringing a change that could turn your corporate image positively.

‍ Taking the help of a presentation design agency in the USA will make you stand out and deliver on the expectation of your consumers. Working alongside INK PPT have helped countless companies bring a positive impact on their peoples’ lives.


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We have catered to numerous brands, these case studies are evidence of our flawless design and communication services.


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