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8 Must-Haves of a Winning Business Pitch Deck

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8 Must-Haves of a Winning Business Pitch Deck

Imagine you just watched a jaw-dropping movie trailer. Would you want to miss it when it’s released? 

Business Pitch decks are like movie trailers of your business, before they can take off. It introduces your business and tells them why it deserves attention—and funding!

How can you make sure you get that capital? By preparing a compelling, attractive pitch deck they can’t say no to! Today, we’ll look at some crucial elements that all the winning pitch decks of the past share.

But first, how important are pitch decks to your business?

How crucial is a drilled-down business pitch deck? 

What does a startup really have?

  • Limited resources
  • Less experience 
  • A pitch deck

Yes, in most cases, the pitch deck is your first point of communication with the investors. If you hope to continue your conversation, your pitch deck has to impress. A great pitch deck:

  • Helps investors understand your value proposition
  • Conveys your business idea to earn the trust of your investors

In order for your pitch deck to stick with your investors, it needs to have an appeal and display, without any doubts, that your business has potential to win big. Let’s see the elements of the pitch deck you simply cannot ignore.

Components of your business pitch deck you cannot miss 

  1. Problems

Tension, unrest, and discomfort are usually the trigger behind a compelling narrative. It generates a rising emotional response from the audience, and your problem statement should invoke that feeling. 

Remember, this must be the biggest pain your audience would have. There can be other problems that you may discuss but have a central problem ready. 

Creative Design

For example, this AirBnB business pitch deck starts with the problem right off the bat. It highlights the 3 common issues travelers face.

  1. Solution

Once you highlight the problem, immediately give them a solution—don’t keep them waiting! Make sure it’s the immediate solution to the problems you spotlighted in the first slide. 

As a creator of your own business, you may have the urge to describe your product elaborately. That would be a mistake! Speak of the solution that makes the ideal solution to the problem. 

Colorful Abstract Graphic

In this pitch deck, YouTube provides straightforward solutions to problems in a compelling way. 

  1. Features and Benefits

Describing and showing your product’s features is the main story of your pitch deck because it is through these features that users can get to the solutions. 

You should aim to establish how your product’s features help to solve the problems you mentioned. 

Besides, your investors would be interested in how you’re unique and separate from the competition. So it’s your job to underline what sets you apart and makes you irreplaceable. This is your competitive advantage. 

Timeline Meeting Template

In this deck, Dropbox explains the features in short pointers using crisp copy. It helped them turn their $15,000 VC investment into $16.8B. Notice how simple it is.

  1. Market and Risks

Once you’ve demonstrated your product and its features, you should also convince your investors that it’s a profitable investment. They wish to see if enough people are experiencing this problem, which ensures their investments would be worthwhile. 

Define your target customers and include the relevant details. In business-to-business companies, the metrics used are employee size, location, and technology in use.


OfficeFlex demonstrates deep insight into its target audience in its pitch. This shows investors upfront that they know what they’re talking about

Every business has competition. This segment should include a good study of your competition. 

Plus, you have to answer these questions:

  • What are your advantages in your market above your competition?
  • What is unique about your product?
  • What can you improve which is important to customers?
modern office Workspace

Dropbox accurately highlights how its competition offers services and what Dropbox does better. Using a simple table, it demonstrates its unique value to investors.

  1. Revenue generating model

Having established the playing field, next, you show how you play your game. Your revenue model should clearly depict how you would go about your business plan and operating model. 

Ask yourself this: what model would I use to acquire customers and generate revenue?

Remember to avoid getting too drilled down here because strategies may change with time. But remember this too: investors love to see you’ve thought it through. So your model has to make sense. 

  1. Prediction

One thing is sure: investors will spend time on the financials slide. Because simply put, that’s what’s in it for them. 

One common mistake is people assume investors want to see revenue and profit projections. Instead, they’re looking for business assumptions that form the foundations of a scalable business. And seasoned investors have a keen eye for spotting that. 

Team members collaborating on a project.

This OfficeFlex pitch deck lays out business assumptions in the beginning before showing projected revenue.

  1. Team

Your team is your greatest wealth. So include information about your team, because at the end of the day, your investors invest in your team’s ability to make the project work. But what if you don’t have lots of experience? You can still showcase the following details and gain your investor’s trust: 

  • Industry experience of founders
  • Technical background of the main team
  • Time committed by founders
  • Business and managing history of the team
  1. Funding

Finally, you must mention the investor’s role in creating your product. Mention the primary funding you need and include the following:

  • Why do you need it?
  • The impact of this investment on the business

Make sure you connect your use of funds with your business milestones. 

5 successful pitch deck examples

  1. Wise pitch deck

This Wise Pitch Deck is a perfect example highlighting the above points. Observe the perfect flow from one slide to the next.

  1. Tesla pitch deck

Tesla’s pitch deck for its new car model is a perfect example of a vibrant and compelling pitch deck combining all the elements above.

  1. Coinbase pitch deck

This Coinbase pitch deck proves that you can raise capital even with a simple yet to-the-point presentation.

  1. LinkedIn Pitch Deck 

This LinkedIn Pitch deck for the LinkedIn Sales Navigator feature delivers compellingly. It first builds a case for the existing user concerns and plugs in the features on time.

  1. Finciero business presentation deck

This presentation deck for Finciero highlights all app features in an eye-catchy way for its tech savvy users.


Always remember that investors are actually investing in you and your team, trusting your ability to succeed in the proposed business. So use the above elements to create a business pitch deck that delivers, while making sure you have a solid team that complements and supports each other throughout the process. 

New companies are mushrooming worldwide, and it’s getting increasingly competitive out there. Being your first communication channel, your pitch deck matters ever more today. Make sure you nail your presentation, even if that means trusting seasoned professionals.

At INK PPT, we build pitch decks that are sure to get noticed. We let you decide your voice and combine it with the right elements so that investors truly understand your business’s potential.

Feel free to contact us and we shall respond promptly with a tentative plan.

Professional portrait of Nishtha

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