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9 Ingredients for a Captivating Product Launch

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Ankit Chauhan
9 Ingredients for a Captivating Product Launch

Gone are the days when a product launch was all about a press release followed by a press tour. Today, when the markets are flooded with new products, every business wants a product launch that will make them the next big name in the industry. After all, the success of the product launch often determines the survival of the company.

From local startups to global conglomerates, all are in the race to get a piece of the media pie. So, the bloggers, analysts and journalists are revered to help make the product launch the talk of the town.

One of the most important aspects of a product launch is the presentation which is usually unveiled by a senior Management and gives a story for people to write and discuss. Like a delectable dish, a product launch achieves perfection when all of the ingredients come together to form a unique balance. Let us examine the essential ingredients that add an unforgettable zest to the product launch presentation.


1)  Excitement – People witness hundreds of product launches everyday. So, how can one grab their attention? By making a product launch exciting, attendees won’t get a feeling that it was just another event.

2) Element of surprise – Surprising the audience is the best way to create a memorable event that gets the best coverage and honest expression out of them.

3)  Selling a lifestyle – People don’t just buy products, they buy Highlighting the amazing things people can do with the product will win more customers rather than simply boasting about the features.

4)  Clearly-defined TG – Product needs to be created with a specific target group in mind. The product launches should aim at capturing that specific group for maximum sales.

5) Displaying top features – It is a smart move to introduce the audience to just the top features of the product instead of bombarding them with tons of information. This way they will take home only the most vital facts and figures.

6)  Engaging content – Content will always be the king of any product launch, hands down! Besides being an important marketing aspect, impressive content is also responsible for having a longer retention in the viewers mind. Events with average keynotes often fail to ignite an interest in the audience.

7)  Product imagery – A premium quality lifestyle product shoot along with 3D product illustrations is a lucrative investment. They help in the visual enhancement of the content and builds a deeper association of the viewer with the product

8) Audio-visual content – The more senses are engaged, the better immersive experience can be offered to the participants. So, having an attractive concept AV and product unveil AV makes a lot of difference to the product launch.

9)  One-liners for storytellers – Always have some interesting one-liners in the script that can be used repeatedly by media in their conversations, articles and tweets. Such statements reinforce the same message by multiple storytellers helping a product gain the right positioning.

A knowledgeable presentation design company can bring all of these ingredients together to stir up a product launch that’s truly a feast to the senses. With expert presentation designers, one can be assured that the product launch gets the attention it deserves.

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