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A Workshop on Presentation Storytelling by Aayush Jain with Nasscom Foundation

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Aayush Jain
A Workshop on Presentation Storytelling by Aayush Jain with Nasscom Foundation

NASSCOM Foundation is the social arm of the IT-BPM industry body, NASSCOM and works with the industry in achieving its goals of social transformation and impact through the IT-BPM industry body, NASSCOM and works with the industry in achieving goals of social transformation and impact through technology.

The Foundation is leveraging the capabilities of IT-BPM member companies of NASSCOM along with emerging social enterprises to meet the technology needs of not-for-profit and underserved communities across India with continuous support from the Government. The workshop was powered by TechSoup, which is a Nonprofit Tech marketplace, they enable low-cost tech for NGOs and Nasscom Foundation through their Indian Partnerships.

Felicitating the young businesses

It is believed by the community working for the welfare of the people that the availability of the right knowledge and tools could empower brands to achieve more with self capability.

During the pandemic, the NGOs struggled a lot in having effective marketing due to limited budgets, purely digital orientation, lack of good presentations and many other such issues.

Nasscom Foundation organizes numerous learning sessions with Industry experts and Subject Matter Experts in the areas to facilitate the growth of the NGO Ecosystem. Last week, a workshop was organized on similar lines involving Aayush Jain who is the Founder & Director of INK PPT, and a presentationist by profession.

Stories, Humans and Presentation

A magnetic workshop, concerning the whole presentation design and communication industry, was conducted. A 1.5 hours long session was attended by Students, NGO Founders & Consultants, Business Users, Entrepreneurs, and Digital Marketers. It involved numerous tips and tricks for acing the decks of a PPT and motivated many to focus more on their communication through efficient presentations. Aayush was able to offer a tremendous blend of theory and practical knowledge applicable in the corporates to the attendees of the workshop.

Attributes of a Successful Presentation


The language and wording of the presentation must be clear to the audience and must make them understand even through the first glance. He insisted on using minimum words and most of the visuals so that the attention span gets increased.


You don’t want your audience to forget the points discussed during the presentation. You should make the presentations in such a way that every aspect easier to remember, either through infographics or any other medium.


You don’t have to try much experimenting with your deck. Try keeping one aspect per slide so that your audience is not confused in understanding the direction. Cramping so much content on a single slide will always create problems in numerous ways.


If you can spark emotions after the presentation, this is a clear sign that your audience comprehended the content well. After completion, people carry back emotions more than anything else.

How to add life to your PPT Decks?

Keep it jargon-free

There is no need to make your audience scratch their skulls, they are listening to you for getting more information rather than googling the jargon used during the presentation. Try using simple words wherever possible.

Ignore the first idea

The initial idea you get is in a raw state, and there are many more to come. During the workshop, it was suggested that you should ignore the initial draft and move on to develop something better.

Use Metaphors

Metaphors help us connect with the context and remember the aspects better. He suggested using photographs for associating certain characteristics with the general phenomena available to our clear sight.

Data Visualisation

Numbers are crucial for validating the claims and sharing the facts, presenting the same in form of charts, graphs etc. increases the grasping power of the audience to a large extent.

Panoramic Presentation

When the content is more and the intent is to showcase a continuity or an arrangement of processes, panoramic presentations become helpful

Quick Tips and Techniques you can follow right away

Presentations are capable of doing wonders and coming up with amazing results that seem unrealistic to people not familiar with the platform. The session covered many such tricks capable of enhancing the decks significantly.

Image Fragmentation

Fade Effect

Sunrise Effect


Where can you find the right resources to make your presentation shine?

Designing a presentation is one aspect and using numerous resources to perfect the one is another ball game. He suggests some free resources available online to be used by everyone without getting concerned about the IPR issues.

Unsplash has a fantastic library of pictures available free of cost. Users are allowed to download endless photos without any restrictions and even use them for commercial purposes.

Discover Template is the newly designed platform by INK PPT, which has best presentation templates, infographics, icons, animated gifs and many useful tools free of cost. Discover Template won’t even ask your email address for providing all of these high-quality resources.

Mixkit is a venture by Envato, you can find some useful stock videos for your marketing or any other purpose. They are adding new stuff every coming day.

Aayush shares a tremendous amount of industry insights and resources related to communication design and branding, and if users connect with him over this platform, then there would be a lot to learn without any obstruction. Click to connect with him.

4.07 OverallScore

4.3 Content Quality

4.36 Communication

4.2 New Learning

4.23 Usefulness

An event with a lot to offer

The virtual event was an interactive one with numerous questions asked and answered at the same time. The audience appreciated the honest effort in making people aware of the possibilities of presentation design and motivated many to make a better presentation moving forward. It was concluded as an overall high satisfactory session with engagements from more than 100 people looking to learn and experiment.

~ Ritesh Rastogi

The session was very useful for me and will help me to create better presentations in future. The best part is to create a hard effect in such an easy way with online free content. Thank you very much again for this webinar.

~ Sunita Sonthalia

For the first time, I liked the session like this, which is very interesting, to the point and gave us knowledge, otherwise, most of the sessions are only talking.

~ Angela Ann Philip

Thank you for conducting this orientation. I am slowly getting to know deeper about storytelling. This orientation has given me another level of clarity. Thank you, once again!:)


It was very useful. New learning in the use of animation. Thank you so much.

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