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Aayush Jain – Founder of Inkppt awarded by Microsoft for 2021

Portrait of Aayush
Aayush Jain
Aayush Jain – Founder of Inkppt awarded by Microsoft for 2021

The Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award is given by Microsoft to technology experts who passionately share their knowledge with the community and demonstrate their thought leadership in a product or solution consistently for several years.

Recently, Aayush was awarded MVP by Microsoft for 2021, we are glad to share his experience in the form of a questionnaire so that people may take inspiration from his work and share industry insights with the people who require it most.

How do you feel about getting the MVP Award?

No doubt, being awarded MVP feels great, though it was never my goal to win MVP, my efforts were primarily targeted to help people present better.

What was your first reaction?

I wasn’t expecting the award, since I was already rejected once for the same but this time, I got excited to hear the news. More than an award, for me it was a validation that I am on the right path.

How has been the journey?

As the journey involved helping people, it was satisfying in every aspect and made me learn numerous new things.

Were you expecting this award to be given to you?

I just applied for fun, the expectation of winning MVP was close to nil but I am fortunate that Microsoft chose me for this.

What will change for you after becoming an MVP?

I will increase the efforts I put in to help people and motivate others to do the same. It is definitely like an energy drink on your uphill mountain trek so it will be a great booster to every single initiative we do here at INK PPT and myself as a professional.

Do you have advice for people who are aiming to become the future MVPs?

If people will keep doing for the industry selflessly and with complete integrity, awards, recognitions and opportunities like these are going to find their way.

What were the criteria under which you were screened to be there?

It involved subject matter expertise, community interaction, social presence and several other criteria. Although, I am not aware of much of the Internal activities at Microsoft for this.

When you started INK PPT, did you ever think about becoming an MVP?

I always worked for reaching unexplored heights, but being an MVP was never a part of the plan. It came as a relic and we will value every bit of it.

What role did your entire INK PPT team play in your journey to be an MVP?

I am not a ‘one-man army’ I rely heavily on my team for support, direction, knowledge and of course, growing together. This award would not have been possible if they would have not believed in me since the early days.

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Portrait of Aayush

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