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Make Your Annual Reports Reflect The Best Out Of Your Business

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Nishtha Pal
Make Your Annual Reports Reflect The Best Out Of Your Business

An annual report spells out the financial status of the company and its operations for any particular financial year. It is a document containing essential information about a company's future. It is distributed to stakeholders and could affect their decision-making.

So, how do you make an annual report for your business? How do you ensure that you create an annual report design that encourages people to read?

For example, if you have a black and white bland report and an attractively designed document, which one will you pick?

Here are a few tips on designing and creating a beautiful annual report for your business.

Tips For An Attractive Annual Report Presentation

It is critical to ensure that your annual report is factually correct. It is also equally important to make the annual report presentation look stunning.

Digitize Your Reports

The days of only paper reports are long gone. It is time to bring your company reports to the digital world.

While in a physical board meeting, you may want to print out a few copies for your board members for their perusal. However, a digital copy of the report would not be amiss. With a proper hyperlinked index, interested stakeholders can skip ahead to the part of the report that interests them.

Make Sure Your Report Is Not Dry

It isn't easy to go through a lengthy report full of data. Although providing complete information about your business operations is necessary, you must inject life into the report.

This can be done with the help of useful infographics, information tables, and compelling facts about the business. Use charts and graphs to summarize and highlight the key points in your annual report. This breaks up the monotony of the report and makes it more engaging.

Bring Out Your Business Personality

Tell the story of your company. Why was the business started, and what is the company's ultimate aim? Make sure to provide an exclusive behind-the-scenes look into your operations. You may have curated a brand personality on social media to promote your business. Use the same while designing the annual report. Highlight new initiatives that have been taken up by the business.

Utilize your brand identity

A brand identity is what sets you apart in the industry. Having a consistent brand image is vital to make a name for yourself.

As brand identity comprises visual and non-visual elements, you can use it to make your annual reports look better. For example, use brand colours and fonts to ensure you bring a sense of familiarity to the reports. If you have a particular branding strategy, you need to apply the same while designing your annual report.

Mailchimp is one of the popular email service providers, and its annual report presentation is visually appealing and reflects its top-notch branding.

Simplify Your Data

An annual report needs to include all the information about the company. However, you can present the information in smaller chunks. Excessive information is unnecessary. If someone wants a deeper look at any section, they can request for the information from the board. Split the data into smaller sections that are still logically connected.

The digital copy of the Girls Who Code Annual Report is visually appealing and simple. The header menu can easily guide the reader to the report's different sections, while the images and minimal text let the reader experience the report visually.

Create A Cover Design

You must have heard not to judge a book by its cover. Yet, having a fantastic cover design for your annual report presentation is vital as that is the first thing people see. Choose designs for

your annual report depending on your overall business message. Make sure that the cover “hooks’ the audience and keeps them engaged.

Your brand identity can help you get the right image on the front of your report. You can go for something specific, like this annual report for Pacific Life, where the blue and white image of a whale breaking through the waves gives voice to the company's goal.

The tips here can help you prepare for a great annual report. However, do you know where to start with the presentation?

Here are a few simple steps to create your stunning annual report.

Step 1

Visualize how you want your report to look. Get a clear idea about how you want the data to be presented and how it should be divided logically.

Step 2

Compile all your relevant data that is to be included in the report. Then, sort them as per your preference for ease of reading.

Step 3

Make sure to divide the information with relevant images and infographics. For example, have a look at Deloitte’s report. The number of incorporated graphs and charts ensures that the report is not bland and gives information succinctly.

Step 4

Before every section, provide a detailed infographic that hits all the report's main points. This can help readers understand the business over the past year.

Step 5

Make sure you use multiple formats to showcase your data. For digital copies of the report, use videos and stop motion graphics to enhance the report. You can also have the CEO or Board of Directors add audio files to the report to add a human touch.

Step 6

When you make an annual report for your business, stay true to your brand. There needs to be a sync between the design and your brand identity curated on social media.

Create a Compelling Annual Report

Multiple stakeholders and potential investors will read your annual reports. Information in this report is vital to sway stakeholders. Therefore, you need to ensure that your annual report presentationinspires a desire to be read.

The key to a successful annual report presentation lies with the overall content used for creation like videos, images, infographics, and even graphs. Creating annual report designs may not be your strong point, and you may need to look for professionals to get the design done.

At INK PPT, we have experience in creating annual report designs that truly engage the audience. Contact us, and we can get you started on your captivating annual report.

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