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Present your Event Sponsorship Proposal like a Pro

Sponsorship proposal presentation like a pro
Present your Event Sponsorship Proposal like a Pro

The sponsors of the events can help fund your event and elevate its status. It is also beneficial for companies to sponsor events to gain visibility and improve their reputation. To convince those companies' stakeholders to sponsor your event, crafting a nice event sponsorship proposal can be very helpful.

You can get inspired by how to create your next event sponsorship proposal by learning how to create an Event Sponsorship Proposal with this article's 5-Step Guide.

Let's know in-depth about the Event Sponsorship Proposal:

How to present an Event Sponsorship Proposal 

In its simplest form, a sponsorship proposal or sponsorship presentation is an outline of what your event has to offer and how sponsors can get involved. There is no restriction on this proposal for your organization in terms of whether or not it is for one event or if it contains multiple events.

Your proposal will also be affected by the type of event, whether a conference, educational event, career fair, nonprofit event, or anything else. The following list discusses common guidelines when creating a sponsorship proposal. 

Don't overcomplicate things - ensure everything is clearly explained because you'll likely lose the sponsorship's attention when they skim the proposal. Make sure to let them know why your organization is worth sponsoring and why they should trust you.

In addition, make sure you have someone with some graphic design experience on hand to make the document appear visually appealing. Some event sponsors prefer to feature their sponsorship proposals on their website as a web page instead of a PDF. However, some sponsors prefer PDFs due to their universality and printability.

When presenting an Event Sponsorship Proposal, certain steps need to be followed. Here are some steps to follow to create an Event Sponsorship Proposal 

Step 1- Design a visually appealing cover for your Event Sponsorship Proposal 

The first and most important step in creating an event sponsorship proposal is to gather the sponsors' attention; for that, it is important to make a visually appealing design of the sponsorship presentation. The cover image should include the event's name and the organization responsible for organizing the event. To keep the branding in mind, include the logo and mention the event date, time, and venue on the cover image. 

Step 2- Educate your audience about the event and the organization

Educating the audience about the event and the organization plays an important role. The event sponsorship proposal should include background information and history about the organization that is organizing the event to give the sponsors an idea about how the organization functions, the members of the team, and how they plan to reach out to the audience through the event. 

In addition to this, it is also important to include generic information related to the event. Specifically, it should answer the following questions: What is the event? What is the mission of the event, and how will it run? These questions will help your sponsors decide why they should fund your event. 

Step 3- Give details about the people attending the event

It is important to include the audience's demographics in your event sponsorship proposal to find the right sponsors for your event. This is included because the sponsors are keen to learn about the people they are marketing to and how many people they can reach through the event. 

In this step, you need to mention the statistics of the event's audience by stating technical role numbers, location, industry, purchasing power, and anything else considered significant for sponsors to know.

Another way to showcase this is by showing the post-event survey of past events to convince the sponsors to give sponsorship of the event. These outcomes can also include how often audience members conversed with sponsors, how many discovered a new item at the event, and anything else you believe would be useful to show potential sponsors.

Step 4- Define the sponsorship opportunities available

This is a crucial step of the proposal as it includes the sponsorship opportunities available to the sponsors. This can be accomplished through tiered packages, a-la-carte options, or a mix of the two.

The tiered packages are typically displayed in two ways. A matrix table with all the packages as columns and the features of the packages as rows could be an efficient way to accomplish this. Pricing and availability must also be included in the table. Another option for displaying sponsorship packages is simply listing all relevant information under the package name. 

However, when it comes to the a-la-carte option, it can work in the following ways:

  • They can be purchased as a customization option to a sponsorship package.
  • Instead of providing sponsorship packages, they can be purchased separately.
  • Depending on the sponsorship opportunity purchased, a sponsorship package can be assigned.

The description of the offered sponsorship opportunity should include information such as where the sponsor will be visible in the event, how the sponsor will be involved in the event, how many registrations are included, and what networking opportunities are available for the sponsors. 

Step 5- Include contact info, terms of the event, and a booking info

This is the final step of framing the Event Sponsorship proposal, which decides the future of sponsorship for your event. If the sponsor is convinced with your proposal, you need to share information with him to decide the further course of action. At the end of the proposal, mention the contact information, and for that, mention the company's website, email, and name. Also, mention the information for the payment in the form. 

Provide a checklist for potential sponsors to fill out for sponsorship opportunities. You should also include terms and conditions, rules and regulations, and a cancellation policy with details on compensation for a refund.

Eventually, mention the contact information so that prospective sponsors can send their booking form and inquire about your event, organization, and sponsorship to you for your event. 


You must stand out from the crowd to grab the sponsor's attention with your Event sponsorship proposal. The presentation of the sponsorship proposal should be well-defined and aesthetically pleasing for the sponsor to invest in your event. The best way to make an "out of the box" event sponsorship proposal is to hire the best sponsorship presentation agency. We will make your presentation stand out and increase the chance of sponsors investing in your event to the fullest. 

If you are looking to ease up the process of framing an Event Sponsorship proposal without the hassle of making one, rope us in, and we will ensure you the desired results. From making a visually appealing design cover to including all the required information, we will present your sponsorship proposal as a pro. 

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