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Top 5 presentation tools you need as a consultant

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Ankush Dahiya
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Top 5 presentation tools you need as a consultant

Consultation industry has exploded in the past decade—you will find consultation services for almost anything now. This is truly great news. Do you know why? Because when people seek proven expertise to get their work done, the quality shoots up. 

In other words, hiring a consultant means you value your time and resources and want the greatest output from your efforts. This is why we present to you 5 of the most valuable presentation tools for consultants. But first, let’s answer the question, why do we need presentation consultants

Why do you need a presentation consultant? 

A presentation consultant provides strategies and assistance in the domain of presentations. The goal of a presentation consultant is to ensure that your messaging and presentation visuals align with your purpose.

 Here’s why you need to hire a presentation consultant: 

1. Channeling the goal of the presentation

Do you know why you want to make your presentation? Have you zeroed in on your goal? Or are there multiple goals? If you’re unclear about these, you definitely need a presentation consultant. 

They would sit with you and pinpoint the exact goal of your presentation. This will bring clarity to your process and help you sharpen your final message. 

Each presentation is different and needs polishing to bring out the core message, which is exactly what a presentation consultant will help you do. 

2. Crafting the final design

Sometimes your creativity hits the roadblock when making your presentation. A consultant can prepare slides on Google Slides, Powerpoint or any other software of your choice.

But remember, consultation is not designing. They can only provide you the right perspectives for choosing design elements. And they help ensure the right tone of voice as well as elements like colors. 

3. Feedback for the better 

Presentation consultants have years of experience to dive into when building meaningful presentations. Instead of sugar-coated remarks, they will give you constructive feedback for your presentations. These reviews will help you craft better presentations. 

The right time to get a consultant

Another point to note is the timing of hiring a consultant. If you want to make the most of their expertise, it is better to hire them early on. This will help you stay on track and feel confident about your progress. 

Top 5 presentation tools you need as a consultant

 Here are five great tools worth having in your presentation arsenal:

1. Canva 

Canva is a user-friendly design making software for marketers and salespersons who find designing difficult. In other words, Canva makes designing easy. 

You can find multiple presentation templates from the get go, and customize them to fit your brand goals. It offers a range of business-related designs like newsletters, resumes, media brochures, business cards, and infographics. There are plenty of templates to get you started, plus you can access over a million of Canva’s own stock images. 

When creating a presentation, you can change fonts, text size, filters and you can drag and drop elements of your choice. In that regard, Canva is really flexible and promotes creativity. 

Another perk is you can integrate Canva with many day-to-day applications like Google Drive, YouTube, and Instagram. 

2. Visme 

Visme is yet another tool that helps you make awesome presentations. It is cloud-based and helps bring engaging visuals to life while conveying your ideas. 

Visme also has a drag-and-drop method for creating designs. Plus, the business version underlines the importance of brand consistency. For instance, when your employees build presentations, Visme ensures that your brand image is consistent at all times—featuring logos, images, and colors that match it. 

Besides, Visme has an analytics system that lets you see the viewers of your presentation. 

3. Prezi 

Prezi is a template-based solution which helps you make compelling presentations by enabling unique transitions among slides. On Prezi you get to see the big picture of the presentation so that you can plan it more effectively. 

While changing slides, you don't land on the next slide, but you pass through the key point which needs to be made. This ensures that the audience gets to see the point. 

Further you can categorize content and build an overview to give your audience a large-scale context. As a result, you stay organized throughout while keeping the audience engaged. 

4. SlideCamp 

SlideCamp is a go-to repository of templates for company presentations. You can tweak color schemes, bring in logos, charts, data, and compile them via infographics. It naturally breeds brand consistency throughout your presentations. 

Once your main design is ready, your team can proceed to edit the design further and build meaningful presentations. Note that it is more suited for businesses rather than one-man ventures. 

5. Pitcherific 

Pitcherific is a presentation solution plus a presentation practicing platform. You can find template solutions that help you prepare an effective presentation. 

The platform offers prompts to write and fill up parts of the presentation. For instance, while writing an elevator pitch, prompts include hook, problem, and closing. Plus, when you want to create different types of presentations and pitches, you get guidance from the multiple templates available. 

Pitcherific also suggests word count for every section as well as a timeline to track the duration of your speeches and presentations, keeping you on the right path. 


Now that you know the right presentation tools for consultants and the exact reasons why you would want to hire presentation consultants, you can also check out INK PPT. We're presentation consultants with over 10 years of hands-on experience in this domain. We've helped hundreds of businesses ace their presentation game, and we'd be happy to do the same for you too. Head over to the link to get a free consultation call.

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