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What are The 6 Stages of The Recruitment Process?

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Ankit Chauhan
What are The 6 Stages of The Recruitment Process?

Campus recruitment is one of the main ways to hire new talent into your organisation.

The priority of any graduating student is to secure a good job that pays well, is aligned with their future career expectations and has good learning opportunities. 

Every industry has been affected by digital transformation, and recruitment has not escaped its touch. As a result, employer branding has become an important marketing strategy for any organisation trying to attract candidates to work with them. 

However, no matter what marketing strategy is used to secure the alliance of students, the actual campus recruitment process has remained more or less the same. 

In this blog, we have listed the actual process an organisation must follow while hiring through campus recruitment. 

6 Crucial Stages Of Campus Recruitment Presentation Process

Each step in campus recruitment involves eliminating a few students from the list and ensuring that the best candidates are left for the final interview rounds. Here is how each stage is conducted. Students are evaluated throughout the recruitment process until they receive their offer letters from an organisation.

Pre-Placement Talk

The pre-placement talk is arranged between the graduating students and a particular company. This was the first look students used to get into a company's profile. It was used to show the students the benefits or highlights of working with the company. The first step in the recruitment process presentation involved a few slides, including the company profile, the company's vision, mission, and the company's success to date. Once the presentation by the company is done, the employees can ask questions related to the information presented in the slides. 

However, now, campus recruitment starts with building an employer brand. The company has to establish a presence in the college from the time a student sets foot in the college. Even colleges prefer to give their students actual hands-on experience in operations to help them with their recruitment. 

Written Test

The next step in campus recruitment is a written test. Organisations looking to hire candidates would like to assess the practical skills of the candidates in various subjects. By default, the tests would be on logical reasoning and English. However, depending on the position that is being filled, the tests may vary. For example, if an organisation is hiring for a financial analyst position, the questions in the test would be regarding tallying balance sheets and applying ratios for analysis. 

Nowadays, the recruitment process presentation is somewhat different. Organisations create learning opportunities for students all year round. For example, Mahendra conducted Farmkshetra to allow B.Tech students to work on actual situations the company is facing. This allows students to analyse and provide innovative solutions. The best solutions would allow the students to come to the notice of the organisation's hiring committee. 

Group Discussion

Another step in the campus hiring process is group discussions. Usually, a topic is given to the candidates, and they have to discuss it. Other than the educational qualifications of students, group discussions help companies to assess a student's confidence in front of a group of peers. The student's ability to provide original solutions, accept criticisms and convince people to their way of thought is also evaluated. It is a way to see if the student has good presentation skills to present an idea in a group or individually. 

Many organisations host campus-driven events to elevate their employer brand. Throughout the recruitment process presentations, they generally understand how the participants or student volunteers perform under pressure. In addition, they can get a first-hand look into the candidates' thought processes.

Technical Interview

Once the students have cleared their group discussions, the next step is the technical interview. This interview is specific to the job vacancy an organisation is looking to fill. The interview assesses the particular skill sets of an individual and how they relate to the actual requirements of the job. The interview also seeks to understand how a student can apply technical knowledge to real-life situations.

For example, in the IT industry, hackathons are a great way to assess the technical and practical knowledge of an organisation's potential candidates. Other than hackathons, companies can also conduct case study competitions using real-time scenarios to assess students’ abilities. Additionally, it allows a company to understand the candidates' problem-solving abilities. 

HR Interview

The HR interview is one of the last formal steps of a campus recruitment process. The interview is to verify the overall abilities of the potential employees. It also helps to understand a student's willingness to relocate in case of placement to different cities. 

In the current recruitment process presentations that organisations have to conduct, the interview can be a way for students and employers to understand one another better. It helps students question the company's vision, ethics and how their role in the company would progress in the future. Companies can also use this opportunity to understand a student better to see how he can fit into the organisation's structure. 

Post-Placement Talk

The post-placement talk is the final stage in the campus recruitment presentation process. The talk is an opportunity for the company to explain to the chosen candidates about the company's policies. Students can also clarify any doubts they may be experiencing regarding their future position and responsibilities within the team and the organisation. 

Even with establishing a successful employer brand, there still needs to be a final discussion between rolling out the offer letter and when a candidate has to join. This last stage can be the final decision-maker for a candidate to accept or decline the offer letter. 

Trust Us With Your Campus Recruitment Process Presentation 

Campus recruitment is a long and complicated process that needs proper handling. From creating an employer brand on college campuses, you also need to have ready presentations and templates for various content types. 

INK PPT is well-equipped to handle all your requirements with building a sustainable employer brand to attract new-age talent. Leave us a message with your requirements and difficulties in hiring from campuses. We can help you create recruitment process presentations to hire the best candidates from top colleges.

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