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Beyond MDF and Acrylic: How I Found My Canvas in Graphic Design

How I Found My Canvas in Graphic Design
Beyond MDF and Acrylic: How I Found My Canvas in Graphic Design

Introduction -

Hi….. My name is Nikita, and my journey from art and crafts enthusiast to graphic designer has been nothing short of an unexpected adventure. In my early years, I found joy in participating in school and my father’s office art competitions, little knowing that this passion would shape my career. After navigating the twists and turns of life, including a brief stint with medical examinations, I found myself at a crossroads. Enter Plan B: attempting the National Institute Of Fashion Technology (NIFT) exam, driven by my belief in my drawing skills. Little did I know, this decision would set the stage for a remarkable creative transformation.

The Roots of Creativity 

Entering my second year at NIFT marked the beginning of my journey into Accessory Design. The curriculum introduced us to various hands-on subjects, including wood carving, acrylic moulding, clay work, and CAD tools like CorelDraw and AutoCAD. Behance became a gateway to inspiration, sparking my interest in graphic design as I delved into diverse projects, particularly in branding and packaging.

The Shift

During my third year, an internship with a handmade paper products company prompted a significant shift. Tasked with creating products, I decided to venture into Adobe Illustrator, armed with only basic knowledge of Corel Draw. Installing Illustrator on my laptop, I embarked on the creation of calendars and diaries, marking my initiation into graphic design. 

For my final year project, I embraced a Graphic Design Internship, despite the challenge that it wasn't core to my department. Learning to navigate a Mac became a necessary skill, and while facing the impostor syndrome, I discovered the value of breaking through boundaries in pursuit of passion.

Learning Curve

Post-graduation, my entry into the graphic design realm marked a significant learning curve. The foundations laid during my college education, coupled with the guidance of a patient mentor, played a crucial role in my professional development. Drawing skills that once seemed unrelated now became valuable assets in my graphic design endeavours.

Career Highlights

In my fifth year in the field, I've had the privilege of working with esteemed clients such as ITC, Kia, Samsung, among others.   

In my fifth year in the field, I've had the privilege of working with esteemed clients such as ITC, Kia, Samsung, among others.   

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Advice for Aspiring Designers

For those contemplating a similar transition, I offer insights based on my experience. Leveraging existing skills, seeking opportunities for growth, and staying true to your creative identity are paramount. Embrace the challenges, for each step forward is a lesson learned and a skill gained.


In conclusion, my roots in design education continue to be a wellspring of inspiration in my graphic design work. As I share my experiences, I hope to inspire others to celebrate the richness of diverse creative backgrounds.

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About the Author

Nikita - Unleashing Creative Magic

I'm an ardent creative explorer. With every stroke of my digital brush, I bring your ideas to life. Books are my cherished companions, sparking the exceptional ideas that I love to infuse into our team's projects.

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