Create Appealing Presentations in 30 Minutes Or Less

The standard idea of creating presentations involves putting together texts and images and hoping they explain the underlying premise of the presentation. The general trend is to use icons, huge fonts and transition effects to make presentations appealing. 

However, this is a long process and would take up too much time. There are many applications available online, like Adobe, PowerPoint, Canva, and many others, that can be used to create amazing presentations. However, just using this software is not enough. Using them correctly is what can elevate your presentations. 

Here are a few tips to make creating presentations a quick process. 

Tips For Appealing Presentations In 30 Minutes or Less


Icons are always used to convey a particular point. Usually, icons help simplify the meaning behind a particular slide. However, unless you are proficient in PowerPoint, you may struggle to identify the right icon that can correctly convey your point-of-view. 

However, you may use the wrong icon and change the context of the presentation. Rather than using icons, you can use smaller sentences or single words to explain your view. 

Use Branded Templates

A branded template carries your company's inherent style. It allows you to set a professional tone for your presentation. Using brand colours and typography ensures that your audience recognises your design and associates it with your brand identity. Branded templates are created to help convey your brand's specific requirements. As a manager, you can choose the one that best explains your requirement.

3-Font Size Rule

Every slide in a presentation has a heading, a subheading and body text. Font sizes can help emphasise essential points in each slide visually. For example, using a proper heading and sub-heading allows you to display information in a hierarchy of importance. An audience should be able to look at your slide and understand immediately the key points you are presenting. 

Similarly, infographics are a visual representation of information. Therefore, each section of an infographic needs to be distinguishable from the others. With different font sizes you can clearly set the context for each point and explain it correctly. 

Embed Video in The Background

You already know you can embed videos into PowerPoint presentations. However, adding a video as a background for your slide is also possible. This can add a dynamic visual effect to your slide. For example, with your presentation, you want to convey urgent action and pep up the audience. Without using icons, you can easily convey urgency with a looped video of fire. Fire is usually used to explain an exciting element and using transparent text, you can highlight the words you want to emphasise. 

Use PAN Transition

PowerPoint is filled with an endless number of transition effects. Each one is unique and can add an extra zing to your presentation. PAN transitions are instrumental when you have a large amount of data that cannot fit into a single slide. 

For example, you want to highlight the company's branches to your audience. In a world map, you have pinned each place. However, the map is too big to fit into one slide. Instead, you can split the map to fit into multiple slides and use the PAN effect to add a dynamic transition element to the presentation.  


As a marketing manager, you are sure to be swamped with all elements of marketing, like launching social media campaigns and optimising your company's website. You need to ensure that the marketing strategy is sound and opens up new avenues for the company's growth. 

Creating beautiful presentations can help leave lasting impressions on your audience. 

At INK PPT, our design experts can help you create on-brand presentations and templates that can redefine your presentation and marketing strategy. Contact us and let us know how our presentation experts can help you. If you want a quicker response, you can also WhatsApp us at +91 8766237945.


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