Easy ways to avoid “Death by PowerPoint”

PowerPoint is undoubtedly one of the greatest tools for presentation. But too much dependency can put the audience to sleep. Using 42 PowerPoint slides in comic sans will only inspire mockery than awe. The problem is we have this tendency to think “‘I’ll start vomiting information I found on internet through 25 slides.” Now a day everyone is so sick of these types of presentations. A killer PowerPoint is a must but one must also prepare how he’s going to deliver his message. Story telling can be a big help on this. Many of the top presentation gurus advocate judiciously limiting the role of PowerPoint. Starting the presentation with a story keeps the audience involved.

So prior to using it, here are some important things to consider:

Use eye-catcher templates

Visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text. This means your PowerPoint presentation design must be very beautiful to look at. Make it more captive by following these easy tips

• Find some high visual PowerPoint templates, if not in internet then go through inkppt. There is a plethora of captivating templates. Always try to avoid stock templates.

• Use pictures and graphics very wisely. After all, we all know that a picture’s worth a thousand words. Images can draw attention to important elements in a presentation.

• Using a simple & bold text will enhance the legibility of your presentation.

• One more thing is, use transitions carefully. Dissolve is the good one to consider.

Make presentation interactive

It’s boring to sit long hours through a presentation listening to the dry content that’s delivered. Having audience interaction makes our presentation more interesting and easier on everyone. When people have something to say then they can relate more and be more attentive also. Providing them this opportunity will make your presentation a great success. If you’re looking for ways to make your next presentation a lively one then try these ideas:

• Assign light reading to create audience engagement before you even meet. So you don’t have to spend time clarifying basic ideas and can discuss higher level topics during your talk. Get people thinking and talking before you say your first word.

• Also do a lot of group exercises and reflection time.

• Just make sure the audience participation makes sense. Audience participation should never be just for the sake of it.

• Get people’s opinion.

The art of delivering it all

So PowerPoint can be annoying & drab but clearly it works if the message is being delivered properly. Till now we have discussed how we can make our presentation visually appealing and make it more interesting. But the way of delivering the presentation is far more important, so here are some hints on how to connect with audience in a better way and deliver the message effectively

• People rely a lot on beautiful graphics and design that they overlook the importance of storytelling part. But a story takes all the senseless data that the world provides and turns it into something meaningful. So prepare better capture your audience with meaningful anecdotes & stories.

• Cut out any jargon or acronyms that only make sense to management accountants. It is important to simplify, clarify, and repeat. Then check understanding of the audience.

• A good idea to establish a connection from the start, use humor or a joke to make people smile; use a short piece of music, video, or a bold image to set the tone of the presentation; or perhaps ask a question.

• When creating your slides, remember that less is more. Strip out anything people don’t need to know to understand the main point – you’re not there to prove that you have done all the research.

To really hone your presentation skills, ask for, and learn from, feedback from colleagues or the clients to whom you’re presenting. Ask them if it was useful for them, what they were expecting. It’ll give you the indications of improvement and help you a lot in long run.

These easy tips will surely help you a lot to avoid death by PowerPoint. The key is to mix things up and make it convenient & interesting for people.

Written By: Srijaa Datta


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